Fireman’s Breakfast

Sunday was the day for the Firemen’s Breakfast.  It’s an annual thing here.  Every first Sunday in March, no matter what, is the date.  We’ve been a part of it all for years.  Originally I started helping out in the kitchen often doing dishes or whatever needed to be done.  Later when Hubby became the treasurer we started sitting at the door and taking money.  We’ve been doing that for MANY years now.  I enjoy it.

This year I was so busy setting up and working that I forgot to take pictures until the end…the very end.  So this is what it looks like after all the people leave and it’s just clean up time.  All the raffle prizes had been selected and it was time to start finding firemen to deliver them.


There used to be a crew of firemen who delivered all the items but now it’s more of a “who is on your way home that won a prize” delivery system.  They all get delivered and it works out pretty good.

Kalissa had worked the overnight shift on Saturday night and with Craig, Hubby and I all working there was no one for Carver…OOPS.  That’s a lie.  Carver was not lacking for attention at all.  Many of the firemen, wives and kids all took turns making him laugh.  Kelli came a little later and took care of him full time.


One thing I have always loved about the men of the fire department and their families is that when together, they are all one big family.  Everyone is patient and respectful of the kids.  They find jobs so the kids can feel included and part of the force too.

Many of the kids spent time today bussing tables and pouring drinks…then stayed for clean up too.  These same kids have been doing this for a couple years….in fact, our own kids did that as they were growing up.  I think this helped them be willing to volunteer as they have gotten older.


Working at the firemen’s breakfast is one thing they looked forward to growing up.  They learned to volunteer and be part of a bigger thing than themselves.  What a valuable lesson!  I am so happy that Carver is going to get a chance to be a part of that too.


I am so thankful that Hubby is a part of this family of firemen.  Being a part of this bunch is one of the things I treasure.  This is one of the many benefits of living in a small town.

Anyway…it was a fun day….lots of work but a fun day.

Before I go I wanted to show you this…  One of our firemen painted this.  You can’t tell from the picture but this is a mural.  I’m guessing it might be 8′ x 8′.  It’s really neat.


That’s our fire station and our water tower.  It’s was really stunning.  Usually it’s on display at the fire station.  For the benefit they brought it out for all to see.

That wraps up the 2017 breakfast.  We had a marvelous turn out and were happy to have great weather for the day too.


4 thoughts on “Fireman’s Breakfast”

  1. Thank you for sharing some of what your volunteer firemen and women do in your community. Living in a small town has a lot of advantages. There is a bond and closeness with all of the men and women involved. We are thankful we have that opportunity. Like you said, everyone is family and everyone cares for each other.

    Your quilt is beautiful. Also, whoever painted the fireman picture is a very talented painter.

    Take care. .

  2. Fantastic! And I love the mural. I live between two small towns. Fortunately, both have volunteer fire departments! I have faith that if my house ever catches on fire (God forbid!), I will have two fire brigades responding! ( And maybe the county also!)

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