Fire at the Friedmans???

On Saturday Kalissa called me at about 1:30 in the afternoon.  She said, “Mom have you had lunch yet?”  I looked at the warmed up take out food on my plate and said, “Not really.”  She said, “Want to go out with us?”  I looked at the warmed up food and said, “Yes, yes I do.”

So about 30 minutes later they stopped by and picked me up.  They said we were going to a local bar.  We had heard they were making food there and we hadn’t tried it out yet so, yes, let’s go.

I’m all about trying new food places.  This is a small bar with a limited menu…mostly burgers.  I ended up with fries and a chicken sandwich.

The boys were at Grandma Debbie’s as Kalissa and Craig both work this weekend and I was off.  It was strange to go out without the boys.

As we were sitting there eating Craig’s phone got a text.  It was a fire alert text.  It said Waucoma Fire was responding to a town address and then the address was on his phone.  Craig said the address out loud.  Kalissa said the address out loud then they both looked at each other…and I looked at them.  Together we all said, “Wait, that’s their house!!!”

I immediately grabbed my purse.  I was looking to see how much cash I had.  I figured we could throw the cash on the table and run out and head to their house.  We could call the bar on the way home and tell them what happened.  Craig and Kalissa took this action….
Craig called the fire chief….Kalissa poured more ketchup.  Oh my!!!

I turns out that it was a controlled burn across the street.  There was a brush pile on fire across the road from their house and it got out of hand.  No one knew the address of the place but they did know the address of Kalissa and Craig’s house so they called that address in.  Oh my.  What a scare!!

We finished eating, paid and went home to find this….fire trucks parked at the end of their driveway.

So much better than if could have been!!

For the few four minutes or so before we knew what was going on, we sure were panicked.  We’re so thankful it was nothing more.

As for the food…LT Tap in Little Turkey makes a good burger…and the fries were just how I like them.

8 thoughts on “Fire at the Friedmans???”

  1. I understand your panic.our oldest had a fire and lost his garage. He got a lot of ribbing since he, my hubby and our youngest son are all firefighters and Alan’s fire was caused by a turkey fryer. It was Easter Sunday and raining and the first time they had hosted a holiday meal. Alan had set up the fryer just under the over head door overhang. When the oil ignited it was like a flamethrower and ignited the fiberglass overhead door, they lost the garage and both vehicles.

  2. Oh my! Now I gotta tell a story! Some young kids got a hold of some dynamite and decided to blow up an old van at the bottom of a ravine abut a half mile west of us. We were sitting on the deck eating on the east side of our house and this big blast shakes us…and obviously the neighborhood. Neighbors came down the road and called in this explosion with our address!!! I did not want our address on all the scanners in the county ugh! Anyway no one got hurt or charged that I know of. Crazyiness. Joy

  3. I had to jump to the ending and read it first , then scrolled back up to read the whole story! Whew! Glad to hear everything and everyone is ok!

  4. Good call by Craig to ring the fire house and get more information, but what a scare! glad it was a brush fire and no ones home. Your fries looked delish!

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