Finishing Up My Quilt Squares

I have started to get pictures from Quilt Square Quilt Along participants…seems everyone is getting ready for the big parade of quilt squares on the 30th.  I am showing off my completed ones now..but no fear, you still have a few days to sew.


I made two blocks.  Hubby framed one for me.  He did it voluntarily.  I didn’t beg and he did it the first time I asked….I love that guy! (actually it didn’t ask.  I just started whining) The framed one does not have a binding on it.  I did quilt it and I did put a backing fabric on it just in case I decide to take it out of the frame someday.  I’ll bind it then if I ever do take it out.

The other one I am deciding is going to be a candle mat.  I have an upcoming benefit that I think this will go to along with a candle.  I think it would make a good silent auction item.


I have gotten some questions about how to quilt the square.  I started out thinking that I would just stitch a big X on it.  I did that.  I decided that I wanted a little more quilting so I ended up stitching in the ditch around each row too.  I was happy with that result.  I can see that my “stitch in the ditch skills” need a little work.   That’s okay…I have 11 more months to work on it.

I am in love with the binding.  It’s a diagonal stripe fabric.  I just think diagonal strips in the binding is the best look ever.  If I were ever to design fabric, every line would have a stripe fabric for binding.

If you are new here and haven’t heard about the Quilt Square Quilt Along, you can read about it here ….it’s not too late to join.   If you are a modern style quilter…you can join in too.  My daughter did a modern looking block.  You can see it here.

If you are a non-blogger and want you quilt square in the parade, send it to me by the 28th.  Send it to this email…  I am off get the February block finished…I’ll show you that block on the 30th.

Today I am hooking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict, The Girl Creative, and Crazy Mom Quilts…hop on over and check out some great projects.

19 thoughts on “Finishing Up My Quilt Squares”

  1. I finally broke down and ordered the patterns for these blocks. I can’t get my head wrapped around little quilts but I have been intrigued by this from the beginning. So I finally decided to step out and try this. I really like Kelli’s block with the modern fabrics, but I like yours as well. I guess I will decide which direction I take when the arrives, lol.

  2. What color thread did you use for quilting? I made a block with light and dark purples and blues, but if I use a dark thread to stitch in the ditch, it shows on the light rows.

  3. I really like your block! I have never seen that pattern, but it is up my ally. Thanks for sharing. It is pretty enough to frame. I am new to your blog via Homestead Revival.

  4. ok I finished the 1st block, but can’t find pictures of what people have sent in. Also wandering which one to do next. I ordered all three patterns.

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