Finishing it Up!!

A friend of mine works at the local community college.  Every year they do a fund raiser to help students in crisis.  She often asks if I would donate a quilt and most of the time, I do.

She called this time and I decided I had the PERFECT thing.  I had bought a baby quilt top at a garage sale…I could finish it up and it could go to the benefit.

I couldn’t find a backing from my stash that matched or was big enough so I rummaged and found a 100% cotton sheet that worked PERFECTLY.

It wa a plain sheet so I thought I’d use variegated thread to liven it up a little bit.  I had an almost empty spool but this was only a baby quilt.  It would work…right??

I had a spool of thread for the top…it was called Khaki.  The spool was almost empty but I thought it would do a baby quilt….right?

I also had a piece of leftover batting that I measured.  It would work right??

Well here’s how it ended up working out….On the bobbin thread.  I filled three bobbins and was out of thread.  I hoped that would be enough.  I ended up running out of thread with a 3″ x  3″ square not quilted.  I decided that being the thread for the back was variegated, aqua to brown, I could put brown in the bobbin and no one would notice in that small space.

As for the top thread…I ran out.  Luckily I had another spool of Khaki.

The batting…I loaded in onto the machine the wrong direction and had to splice in a 3″ strip.  AHHH!!!  It was pretty painless actually.

None of the set backs were big and I can say I feel so accomplished.  I used up a lot of things that needed using!

As for the baby quilt….here it is.

Nothing fancy but I think it will serve it’s purpose.

Looking close I can see that this is likely a charm pack quilt made with two charm packs.  Each charm square had a 2 1/2″ flip corner added.  Then it was set into an 8 x 10 layout with a 5″ border around the outside.  It sure makes a cute baby quilt.  I love the “star” that forms in the layout.

Here’s the backing.  Plain but the variegated thread really does add to it.

By the way…the binding is a piece of fabric that was 15″.  I used that up too!!

I love that I used up so many leftovers making this!  YAHOO!!

I’m on a roll finishing projects.  One last week…another this week…dare I hope to finish Pineapple Crazy for the next week.  Fingers crossed!!!

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  1. This is a sweet quilt. I don’t use many charm packs but I have one that would be very cute done this way. A nice beginners quilt too.

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