Finished First Pair of Socks

Hello from Kayla! I know a lot of my mom’s readers are knitters, so I thought I’d drop by and share my first finished pair of socks.

(It’s so hard to photograph one’s own feet!)

These are from the free pattern Tribute which you can access on Knitty. I added these to my Ravelry queue ten years ago when I thought I would make these when I was a “real” knitter.

After many knit doilies I decided I was ready to try lace socks and now I’m hooked! They were so fun to make and I can understand how people get addicted to making socks. They are the perfect palette to try something new and they are relatively quick to work up. When you’re done, you are left with a cozy pair of socks to keep your feet snug and warm!

As I was finishing my second sock, I noticed a post on Blue Heron Knittery’s Facebook page offering mystery boxes of yarn. You got to pick the weight, colors, and how much you would like to spend, and Sarah would put together an order for you. Being I had been bitten by the sock bug I signed up right away.

My package arrived just two days later! I swear I didn’t send a picture of my clogs, but I got the perfect yarns to make into matching socks.

I asked for deep fall sock yarns and I am so pleased with the beautiful results. I even got a selection from my favorite company, Stitched Together, based out of Marion, Iowa. Kayanna had a beautiful shop for a short while before turning to dyeing yarn full time. I’m happy I got to support two of my favorite businesses with my purchase!

If you would like to give a mystery box a try and support a local-to-Jo yarn shop, I highly recommend following Blue Heron Knittery on Facebook. I don’t have a local yarn shop to support in my rural area, but at least I can support a small business that is doing a great job and offers quick, personalized service. I’ll be a return customer by mail, even if I don’t get to visit in person as often as I would like.

9 thoughts on “Finished First Pair of Socks”

  1. I am seriously impressed! I was a knitter for years before I knit my 1st pair of socks and they were a plain vanilla sock and turned out very ill shaped indeed. Well done!

  2. Mary Ann Mettler

    How beautiful – you are very accomplished indeed!! – And accomplishing this with a baby in tow is impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just beautiful! You did a great job. I love to knit socks, too. They really are fun to make! Your lace pattern looks challenging, but once you get the hang of the repetition, it’s fine.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Oh my! I bought a handmade pair of socks for $50.00. they were plain as dirt but kept my feet warm. If you ever want to sell some post it on your Mom’s blog you have one customer
    seriously waiting

  5. Carolyn Sullivan

    NICE socks! WO HOO on getting that completed. I like topknot socks too. BUT I find time to do it difficult. never enough time for everything.

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