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A post from Kelli–

Remember a few weeks ago when my mom publicly outed me as a horrible procrastinator.  If not, you can check out her post here where she informed everyone that I had a quilt at my house for almost a year and a half and hadn’t bound it.  Well my friends, I am happy to inform you that the quilt has been completed.

Puppy with Quilt 1
I’ve been working with Puppycat to be a bit better about taking pictures.  With her getting a bit older, she has calmed down a bit, but expects a treat every time I get the camera out and so she always stands at the edge of the chair/couch, half reaching for the treat and about ready to jump out.  Not a very good picture taking pose.  I have found that it helps if I just lay out the quilt, let her sniff around a bit, and pose on her own.  Then I come back 10 or so minutes later and snap a few pictures.

Puppy with Quilt 2
As mom promised previously, a tutorial is in store.  Check back tomorrow so that you can make your own Christmas Star quilt.

Today, I am hooking up with……Confessions of a Fabric AddictLink a Finish FridayFreedom Fridays and Crazy Mom Quilts.

15 thoughts on “A Friday Finish from Kelli

  1. pdudgeon

    looking forward to the tutorial. I have some Christmas fabric that really needs to be re-purposed into a beautiful quilt, and this pattern will certainly fit the bill. What a beauty! thanks so much for sharing with us.

  2. Donna

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing. And don’t worry about your mom – the Nagging Gene kicks in the day we have kids. She can’t help it ;-)

  3. Deb

    Nothing like some good ol’ mom guilt to motivate! (that’s how my sister’s wedding quilt finally got done after it sat in an almost-done-state for over 2 years!) Yours is wonderful! Love the Christmas stars!

  4. Susan Barr

    Wonderful quilt!!! Love the color combo. I’d like to sit and look at all the different fabrics in there. Great job.


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