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My daughter Kelli is a cross stitcher. She was at my house the other day and brought a bunch of cross-stitch projects that she was feeling guilty about. She wasn’t sure she wanted to finish them but had a nagging feeling she should. She ended up pulling them all out and showing them to me. While she was doing that, she realized that several only needed a few stitches for them to finished. She thought it might be fun to set a few of her current projects aside, pull these all out, and make a mad dash to try to finish as many as she can in what she’s calling Finish it February. She decided to share the projects here on the blog to help her stay accountable. She’s got come great projects so enjoy the parade.

1.  Use What Talents You Possess by All Through the Night
        -I believe this is a 28 count but don’t know anything further than that.  It might be Heartland or Dubloon by Picture This Plus as it looks like it has a decent bit of mottling.

        -I am using DMC.  It was originally written for using overdyed floss, but I apparently looked up what DMC equivalents would be and then wrote those down and pulled floss from that list.  This sounds completely legit, however many of the overdyed flosses have two DMC equivalents and some of those are the same between flosses.  It isn’t too much of a big deal, but I can tell that I did this when I was new to cross stitch…The knots in my thread on the back give that away too I suppose.
        -Here is a link to purchase the pattern on 123 stitch–All Through The Night Use What Talents – Cross Stitch Pattern – 123Stitch

2.  Remember Me by Teresa Kogut
        -This one isn’t technically included, however I started it for my birthday in January and am super excited to work on it.

        -I used 40 Count Ballet Slippers by Fox and Rabbit.  I was initially a little hesitant to use this because when I think ballet slippers, I think pink.  And I want this displayed
downstairs of our house which is not very conducive to pink.  When I looked at it online, it didn’t look too pink, but I could see some pink undertones and depending on the dye lot, it might be a little different.  After a little research via Instagram and a few store shops, I decided that the model didn’t look overly pink so I was just going to go for it and I’m so glad that I did.  And imagine my excitement when I found a 40 ct piece at Colorado Cross Stitch!!!  I threw that in my cart and added my floss and I was in business.  I ended up getting all of the supplies just a little later as I couldn’t make up my mind so technically I am calling this my start for my husband Jason’s birthday as I started it on February 1st. 

        -I also contemplated changing a few colors with inspiration from Cross Hatch Quilts and going with a blue theme.  After I saw Mom’s floss toss of the called-for colors, I changed and decided to go with the called-for.  So far I love it a lot!!!
        -Here is a link to purchase the pattern from the Stitchery Nook– REMEMBER ME Teresa Kogut | The Stitchery Nook (
        -Here is a link to purchase the Fox and Rabbit Ballet Slippers fabric from Colorado Cross Stitcher–Newcastle Linen Ballet Slippers (40 ct) by Fox and Rabbit – Colorado Cross Stitcher

3.  Vintage Birds by Jeanette Douglas
        -This is done I believe on 40 ct, but possibly 36 ct probably of Vintage Country Mocha

        -I am stitching this with all the called-for flosses.
        -I only have the 1 over-1 stitching left to do on this.  I’m generally not a fan, but am going to try to do it sometime when the kids aren’t around and I’m going to get out some readers to help me accomplish the task.      
        -Here is a link to purchase the pattern if you would like from 123 Stitch–Jeannette Douglas Vintage Birds – Cross Stitch Pattern – 123Stitch

        -When I was trying to find the link on the Stitchery Nook website, I found a few other patterns of hers I want to get–The Budding Bouquet ones are my favorite, but I love the Chubby Animal series too!  You can check out the Chubby Bunny, Chubby Fox, and Chubby Bird patterns that Mom is planning on doing as a stitch along in conjunction with them–Maybe I’ll see if they can add a second set to Mom’s and I can save on my postage!! Ha!

  Maker and Mender by With Thy Needle and Thread
        -I am stitching this on 40 ct Steinbeck by Needle and Flax.  Mom happened to find a half yard somewhere and we split it. 
        -I am stitching this with the called for floss, however I have added wood trail and am stitching the words using it.  The floss that is charted for the words was too close of a match to the fabric, so I had to improvise a little.

        –You can purchase the pattern here–THE MAKER AND MENDER With Thy Needle and Thread | The Stitchery Nook ( 

-Mom finished her’s already. You can see her finished version HERE.

        -Now if you can find Steinbeck of any other Needle and Flax 40 ct fabric anywhere, let me know!!!

5.  A Perfect Marriage by Lizzie Kate    
        -I believe I am stitching this on a 28 count even weave of some kind.  I don’t know what color, but it is pretty light.
        -I am using the called for floss.

        -You can purchase this Lizzie Kate Pattern from 123 stitch here–Lizzie Kate Good Marriage – Cross Stitch Pattern K55 – 123Stitch
        -Fun story about this one–I originally started this for Kalissa for her wedding.  She has been married for a good long time now, so I’ll probably have to find another recipient, but I have a pretty decent start on it, so I don’t want to just throw it by the wayside.

6.  Farm Life by Little House Needleworks
        -I am stitching this on 28 count something.
        -I am using the called for floss, but believe that I may have switched a few colors around.

        -You can purchase the pattern here from the Stitchery Nook–FARM LIFE Little House Needleworks | The Stitchery Nook (
        -I really don’t have much left on this one either.  I know I need to complete the bottom red and white border and then also finish up a few small details in the people and animals.  I should probably hurry this one along–Might be perfect for my favorite farming Mother-In-Law!!

7.  Flower  Power by Ink Circles
    –I don’t know the count on the fabric, but I was able to get the called for gingham fabric when I started it. 

    –I am stitching it with dark overdyed fabric of some kind, but don’t know which one as the tag was removed.
    –This is one of the first projects that I ever started when cross stitching.  I believe that I actually got all of the supplies at the Stitchery Nook in Osage, but I can’t find the pattern currently available for purchase.

8.  Knee High by Hands On Design
    -I am stitching this on a dyed fabric, probably a 32 count.

    -I believe this is the called for floss.
    -Here is the pattern for purchase from the Stitchery Nook–KNEE HIGH Hands On Design | The Stitchery Nook (
    -I originally got this pattern out of a magazine, but it has since been published individually as a pattern. 

9.  He Is Risen by The Cricket Collection No 71
    -I had initially started this on some kind of aida, but restarted it, this time on 40 count Vellum by Picture This Plus I believe.

    -Floss is the called for.
    -I found this on the secondary market after seeing it on Flosstube quite some time ago.  I initially ordered the wrong one, but once I re-ordered the correct one, I could tell it was a keeper.  It is the pattern in the upper right-hand corner of the pamphlet.

    -Here is a link to the pattern from the Cricket Collection Website–The Cross-Eyed Cricket Collection MORE THAN JUST CROSS STITCH No. 71 (

10.  Ye Old Crow Sampler by Heart in Hand
    -I have this partially stitched on 28 count in addition to having it started on 40 count as pictured.

    -I don’t remember which floss I’m using, but it is a dark overdyed–Probably Black Coffee because it is one of my most faves!!
    -Here is the pattern if you would like to purchase it from the Stitchery Nook–YE OLD CROW SAMPLER Heart in Hand | The Stitchery Nook (

    -Why haven’t I finished this one?  Great question….But it sure wouldn’t take too much.  I’d love to see this one moving over to the finished list soon!  I think I made a few mistakes that I’ll have to move things around to accommodate a few changes, but totally doable!

Mom finished this one too. You can see it HERE.

11.  Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Sampler

    -This is on some kind of 28 count fabric. 
    -I am using the called for DMC floss.  When I originally bought the supplies for this project, I wish I would have bought the overdyed floss.  At the time, the called for Valdani overdyed floss seemed super expensive and I wasn’t far enough into stitching to want to shell out the extra money for it.  Looking back, I would have, but I think it’s one of those things that I’ve learned from so I’m not going to call it a total loss. 

    -This project has also helped teach me/giving me practice at doing 1 over 1 stitching.  The uppercase letters are 2 over 2, but the lowercase letters next to it are 1 over 1.  Maybe it will motivate me to get going and finish up my other 1 over 1 stitches!
    -You can buy the pattern here on 123 stitch–Rosewood Manor Quaker Diamonds – Cross Stitch Pattern – 123Stitch
    -And if you want to, which I highly recommend, you can purchase the floss set here–Valdani Thread Pack for Quaker Diamonds & Quakers and Quilts – 123Stitch (Also, it wasn’t quite this expensive as it was when I originally passed it up, but even at the current price, it would be totally worth it.)

12.  Our Savior by Samplers and Primitives

    -I am stitching this with a floss that a blog reader sent mom, however don’t remember much more than that because it is now on a floss drop and its tag has somehow gotten lost.

    -I believe that this is just on a scrap of a 36 or 40 count as it is a small project and once my fabric gets to about this small, the tags are usually nowhere to be seen.

    -You can purchase the pattern here–Our Savior Quaker 125w x 73h Samplers and Primitives – The NeedleArt Closet

    -Mom has completed this one and you can see it HERE.

That’s Kelli’s list. If I were her I would pull the “He is Risen” piece and do that one in March. I’d pull the last Christmas one and stitch on that on the 25th of each month. It would for sure be done for Christmas. Then I’d knock out any project that could finished in a few days. I’m going to go out on a limb and say she’ll finish four in February. Anyone else what to guess how many Kelli finishes? I’d love to hear your guesses in the comment section.

16 thoughts on “Finish it February from Kelli”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Very interesting to read and see what Kelli is doing. I enjoy seeing cross stitch. When I tried it “well you never saw such a mess. I ended up giving the fabric and floss who does cross stitching. Her work is like yours Jo. Like my mom said practice makes perfect. Keep up the good work Kelli!!!!!!!

    1. Rosanne Stachecki

      Steibeck fabric can be found at Hobby House in Pittsford,NY. They recently moved to Victor,NY. They do have a website.

  2. I am a cross stitcher from long ago–Aida cloth mostly. But I love seeing the stitching on linen and have a project ready to go. I wonder if you could answer a few question. I don’t follow Floss Tube but suspect if I did I would understand.
    Floss Drop?
    Floss toss?
    Why do you like over dyed floss better?
    Do you buy the floss colors needed for each project and keep them together? I have wondered if there is a lot of duplication between projects and also extra expense. But I do see the logic in having all kitted and ready to go.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Mary,
      A floss toss is literally tossing the flosses you plan to use (as charted or your subs) onto the fabric you plan to use and seeing how things look. Sometimes a floss or two needs changed or you may not like the floss on the fabric. A preview if you will.
      A floss tag is a smallish shape of wood, plastic, or card stock with two holes in it. The smaller hole is used to place the tag on a (floss) ring and the larger one is the one you place your pre-cut lengths of floss onto. I’m not into drops as I prefer the “Floss Away” style storage.
      I can go either way on the over dyed flosses and fabrics. It really is just a matter of preference (and for some, expense) I also have mixed them in a project. Small areas to be covered usually can get by with a DMC. There may be a lot of duplication between a designer’s charts and certain styles of designs; Blackbird Designs and With Thy Needle and Thread come to mind as they use similar palettes. Neither of them use many colors in common with Satsuma Street. I do both as far as kitting and stashing. Certain projects I kit all at once (say a birthday start) and others I look thru stash from former projects, maybe sub a color or two from stash, or throw in a DMC. I resisted over dyed flosses for years because of the expense but some just call for the over dyes. I do limit myself to the big 3 (Cresent Colors, Gentle Arts, and Weeks) and DMC but that is just me. I have bought a few kits in silk but while lovely, it gets costly. Again, personal preference.

  3. Jo, I’m thinking 4 also. Kelly, I finished the Knee High by the 4th of July from that same magazine several years ago. I did mine on 14 ct because my eyes aren’t young anymore. Good luck on your finishes.

  4. You sent me down a rabbit hole!!! I love the Flower Power mandala, so I visited the Ink Circles website. The pattern is available there, AND the rest of the patterns are mesmerizing! I put 17 charts in my wish list, and I have not cross-stitched in years! I may be starting up again soon, as I’d love to have an in-hand project to work on now and then.

  5. I’m wondering how Kelli has time to stitch at all, with work and kids! But I’ll guess she finished six things, because she’s pushing! I hope Vintage Birds is one of her finishes, as it’s so pretty! And He is Risen, for Easter.

  6. I will guess 3 finishes. There is a lot of stitching left in several of those projects. I did “Knee High” (also from the magazine) last year and the flag and grass take forever. I added my fathers name and birth and death years under the flag. Once a farmer, always a farmer. “Vintage Birds” has always attracted me and it is even more beautiful in a photo. I’m not attracted to bird charts normally but there is something about that one. Good luck (and may the littles stay well.)

  7. I love your projects! I ordered Chubby Bunny and Chubby Bird after seeing them on your moms blog post. They should be here anytime now. I’ll be already to stitch on starting day. Good luck on your finishing. Hugs,

  8. You got this, Kelli! Your project parade was delightful and I love the idea of “Finish It February,” too. We can’t wait to see your pieces as you progress, and of course, when they’re finished. I used to LOVE the Cross-Eyed Cricket back in the day. Lucky you to find that pattern. Happy stitching.

  9. Kelli,
    You are definitely your Mother’s child. It makes me tired to see all you both do.
    Once you put your mind to something there is no stopping you, or her.
    Good luck with the stitching. However many you finish will be a bonus.

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