Finding a New Normal

Things here are slowly moving in a better direction.  I’m not positive it’s all better healthwise but I am positive we are all becoming a little more comfortable with the situation.  We are learning to deal with the ups and downs of it all.  We are getting better at asking the right questions to the right person to get the answer we need.  Insurance and the pharmacy is still a crap shoot but but hey…everything isn’t going to be perfect so we live and deal with the imperfections.

Wednesday Kramer had a late in the day radiation appointment.  He was pretty tough on the way home but rose to the occasion so we could stop at the furniture store and look at lift chairs.  We had no idea what there was but were anxious at the prospect of finding something that might make things easier for Kramer.

He had started out with the attitude that I should just “find something”…but a blog reader recommended that he try out chairs and find one that was best for him.  Kramer and I both read the comment and thought that was a good idea.  So even though he was hurting he went in and tried chairs.

We went to Lansing Furniture in Lansing Iowa.  We have bought other furniture there and had a good experience so we were hopeful.  The chairs were about half way into the store.  The sales lady was super.  She showed us chairs and encouraged Kramer to try them out.  He started with one but then after hearing that there was one that had an adjustable neck, he immediately tried that one and fell in love with it.

The chair looks brown but it’s actually more of a grey.  It’s a lighting thing.

Next up, the issue of getting it to us.  First off, with most furniture companies, you have to wait to get the furniture.  Second, it was sprinkling.  It had been raining hard but it was only a sprinkle.

We started talking about it and the lady said we could take the floor model.  It had only been on the showroom floor a couple days and they would wrap and load it in the truck.

Kramer usually balks at the spending of any money on furniture but this he didn’t seem to care about at all…not a bit.  He loved the chair and knew he needed it that bad.

Kalissa and Craig met us at out house and did a chair shuffle.  Kramer slept in his chair…..and…..

HE LOVED IT!  He felt the best he has in a long time.  It was exactly what he needed.  EXACTLY.

Yesterday our friend Hammer took Kramer to radiation again.  He’s a wonderful caring guy and was willing to leave here at 6:30am to get Kramer to his 8:30am appointment.

When Kramer got home he went straight to the chair.  I had him show the childcare kiddos Kramer’s “magic chair”.  They were impressed.  He then laid down and slept the afternoon away.  He woke saying he currently feels the best he has in a long time…like better than before he broke his neck even.

Everyone who stops by and everyone he sees, he’s sung the praises of his new chait.  He can’t sleep flat so he’s sleeping in his chair too.  If he’s in there that much he needed something that would work for him.

AH…finally.  Before he broke his neck he was in a lot of pain with the headaches….now it’s neck pain.  But he has relief.  I’m THRILLED.  He was the happiest he’s been in a long time.  That is a relief to us all.

His last radiation is at noon today.  That will be another great hurdle to be behind us.

42 thoughts on “Finding a New Normal”

  1. Yay that is great news on the chair. Congratulations on the last radiation treatment. We can celebrate together. I have my last radiation treatment today also.

    Take the small wins when you get a chance.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. Denise Briese

    That is wonderful! Thank goodness it’s over! The radiation. Good to see him rest. Hope your getting some as well

  3. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Glad Roger can get some sleep! Good sleep makes everything better. Happy last radiation day!

  4. Paulette Voit

    So glad that you were able to find something so quickly that helped him. It’s things like this that will make this journey much easier for him and for all of you. Rely on on friends, they’re the ones that will get you through this. May God bless you and your family.

  5. Oh my, sleep is so important. So glad you found this chair for Roger! A big thank you to Lansing Furniture for making it happen.

  6. This is wonderful! My husband had also slept much better in his chair .Being elevated that way took a lot of pressure off of his back and legs . his legs did not twitch and spasm as when he slept in the bed .I told him that it was more important to get “quality ” sleep than to worry about WHERE he slept .

  7. Debbie Collins

    Nothing like a peaceful sleep to make everything look and feel better. So glad to hear that Kramer is finally able to sleep; it’s so important. Hooray for final radiation day and daily trips to LaCrosse…we’ll take this as a sign of good things to come. May the Son shine on all of the Kramers today and always!

  8. Such a relief for all of you on this journey. Blessings to all of you. It is good to see Roger in the new chair so peaceful. You have such a great attitude and you are teaching me so much.

  9. So happy you were able to find something and get it home so quickly! That is wonderful! It’s important Kramer have a comfortable place to sleep. The last radiation is another great milestone! All these victories can boost your spirits! Life can now settle down into something that resembles a routine and that will do you all good . God bless you and your family!

  10. Praising God that ya’ll found the perfect chair and that Kramer is now able to rest and sleep in comfort. That’s huge! And three cheers for the last radiation treatment…doing the Snoopy dance in celebration!

  11. So glad the chair helps Kramer so much! I agree with everyone else, sleep is so important. Hooray for the last day of radiation!!

  12. Happy Day! Roger’s new chair is great! Getting good rest is super! Did the kiddos draw pictures of the Magic Chair? Too cute, Jo! You are teaching everybody so much! Love and prayers to all!

  13. I had to buy a new recliner in prep for shoulder surgery in Feb. since I couldn’t sleep flat for at least 6 weeks. I’m still sleeping in it, but hope to be back to my bed soon! It’s been great for resting! So glad for Kramer to get some relief!

  14. Even the bad days are easier to cope with if you can get some sleep. Glad you found something that works for him!

  15. It was wonderful to read that today is the last day of radiation, hooray! I’m glad that Kramer went with you to choose the lift chair and that he is getting some much needed rest with his new furniture. Marvelous news for all of us to read. Here is hoping the weekend is less stressful for all of you.

  16. So glad to hear he found something that gives him relief. What a difference. Prayers for continued progress. Hugs!!!

  17. Cheers for the new chair! Cheers for the last radiation treatment! Prayers continue as you navigate through this special time in your lives.

  18. Hooray for finding some comfort and relief in the new chair, and for the last radiation treatment today! When my dad broke his ankle and had to be off it for many months, we bought him this kind of chair. It was a godsend.

  19. Mary Ann Mettler

    Oh what a praise about the chair and the last radiation today. This has been quite the month. Jo I just bet you have tried out the chair for a bit too – it looks super comfortable :) – So glad he can rest in his Magic chair with the child care going on too.

  20. Wooo-Hooo! A new chair for Kramer AND the last day of radiation! He needs to sleep well to heal his body. So glad to hear this good news. Kramer Strong!

  21. Judith Fairchild

    So glad you found something so good for Kramer, seeing the picture of him resting in his “magic” chair was worth all the rest of the hassle with insurance companies and pharmacies. What a major Blessing for you all. Blessings to Lansing Furniture for their help in getting the chair that day

  22. Sharon Runyan

    so glad you got the lift chair. They are definitely a blessing. We’ve had ours for just over a year. My husband has mobility issues and the lift helps him feel more independent getting into and out of his chair.

    Congratulations on the final radiation treatment. I was so glad when my 6 weeks were over.

    You are blessed to have family and friends to assist you. Prayers continuing for all

  23. Yay!!! So glad that you found a chair that Kramer loves! So happy that he is able to get some much needed rest. Congrats on “graduating” from radiation. And so right about finding a new normal. Things will never be as they used to be, but life goes on. You’ve just got to make the best of what you are dealt. Still keeping you covered in prayer.

  24. I’m so happy for you all to have some relief from all you are going through. I’m happy about the new chair and the comfort it is bringing for your family. Good Job. God Bless You All

  25. Hurray for the new chair, especially with neck adjustment. I’m glad Kramer is able to get some sleep and hence relief from pain. I have health issues and have slept in a recliner for years. So glad you didn’t have to wait to get it, either.

  26. Kramer and Kramer. That is wonderful news. Anything that gives him a little comfort is wonderful. So happy he is comfortable enough to sleep in it. Last day for Radiation. YIPPPEEEEE. A little further along on the journey.. Hang in there!

  27. So glad to hear that you were able to find the right chair and that it is working out for Roger. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Like everyone else, I am so very happy that Roger has something furniture wise that is helping him. What an answer to prayer and a real blessing.
    You’re right – insurance can be a real crap shoot, especially now that I’m turning 65 and have no idea what to do! LOL! But, like you said, you live, learn, and deal wit it as it comes!
    Prayers continue for you.

  29. I live far away in Australia, I just want to say that you are inspirational. I have no particular issues in my life but I am sure one day I will. If I can find a tenth of your courage and positivity I will be pleased.

  30. That is wonderful that Kramer was able to find a comfortable “magic” chair. Your body does need rest in order to heal so this is just what he needed!

  31. Good news! But had to giggle….. is he using your light or are you using his chair?!! Continued prayers.

  32. So happy for you that Kramer’s radiation is over. Another milestone achieved. The chair looks like a very helpful investment, providing a comfortable place for rest and sleep.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Jo!

  33. So good to hear that Kramer found a chair that he can relax and get some quality sleep in!

    Please share the Brand and Model of lift chair that you purchased. I haven’t heard of one with an adjustable neck piece.

  34. Sharon Hughson

    This post made me soooo happy to read Kramer has found some relief and therefore you both are happier! Congratulations!

  35. Wonderful news on finding some comfort for him. Continuing to send good wishes to the whole family, you are all so inspiring :)

  36. Ah, so happy for Kramer! The chair and last day for radiation is such a Blessing! I had 7 weeks of radiation and it is so exciting when it is finally over! I slept in my recliner many nights too due to my feet hurting so bad with neuropathy! Continued prayers for Kramer and your family!!

  37. I am so thankful that you have found a chair that helps your hubby. We continue to keep you in our prayers.

  38. Have you checked with your insurance to see if they will cover part of the chair with a MD order. Not sure of every insurance, but some do cover the cost of the motor. But you did not get at medical supply store (not a negative) Every little helps. God Bless.

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