Find Us in McCalls: Double Dutch

Have you seen the new issue of McCalls Quilting Magazine?  This issue..the May/June 2017?  It should be hitting the news stands soon.  I can’t help but chuckle on the way magazines work publication dates but even though it’s March and I have my hands on a copy…it’s listed as the May/June issue.

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We have a quilt in the issue.  They named it Double Dutch.  What do you think?
Double Dutch

This is one of those that I drew up and handed off to Kelli.  I asked her if she could figure out the Math and sew it and she did.  When she did it though she made me vow that we would NEVER publish it to anywhere that involved her having to write the directions.

I laughed and said okay.

Here’s what we had done.  I had drawn up these blocks and then started playing with them.  I LOVED the simplicity of the blocks.  It’s simple straight line sewing.


I put them together to create this…


It’s a little dizzying with all the lines.

Here it is without the lines.


The only problem was to end the quilt right, Kelli had to come up with some half blocks and such to complete the pattern.  Writing the pattern would be a nightmare.

Happily McCalls Quilting took care of all of that and simplified it so it’s easy peasy.  We would have never thought to write the directions like they did but it completely works and doesn’t involve half blocks and full blocks.  We’re impressed with what they put together.

Double Dutch: Small, easy units add up to a big visual impact in this large throw quilt!

Curious mind might like to know that the original fabrics in this were Moda fabrics.  They were from a line called Social Club.  I’m sure they are unavailable now but other fabrics could easily be put in to get the same look.


I’ll tell you more about the quilt when I get it back and can photograph it here.

Some photos courtesy of McCalls Quilting.

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  1. Hi Jo & Kelli, I got my magazine last week and noticed your quilt. I love the design of it and hope to make it one day.

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