Find a Place to Give Your Unwanted Projects and Fabric to!!

Hello all…This page FINALLY go the charity donations page put together.  It’s taken some work and time but it’s here and ready to be revealed.  We have LOTS of people and organizations that are awaiting your donations to their worthy causes.  You might remember a bit ago I got a bunch of left overs from projects and was looking for homes for them.  One of the people who I sent things to was Ronda.  Already she has worked her magic and made UFO blocks into an awesome quilt.  See…


This could have easily spent it’s life unfinished but given to the right person who has a talent for putting things together it can instead give warmth and comfort to another.  Doesn’t it look great!

I couldn’t be happier that this is going to get used and loved.  Thanks for your hard work Ronda!

Ronda writes….

Hi Jo,
I just finished another one of the quilts you sent my way.  I’m not sure what the original quilt maker had in mind when she started this one.  All the blocks were already constructed and the center was all sewn together.  Having no pattern or any more of these fabrics (or anything close to it), I had to come up with a plan on my own.  It turned out okay, such pretty fabrics she used!  I love the colors!  I had the backing in my stash.  The goldish color compliments the star points and it has little pinkish flowers on it to tie into the top.  Ronda

Isn’t that awesome!

Well Ronda, as well as other people, are looking for the goodies you no longer want.  All things sent will be made up and passed on to charities.  The people/groups have said that they will forward on pictures to me of things that they make with donations.  Some people make scrappy quilts so you won’t be able to recognize specific fabrics but know they are going for the good of others.

I am leaving the list of the people here on this blog post.  For future reference I will be having Kelli put a tab up at top so you can reference and get back to the listing should you decide to do some spring cleaning or come across thrifted fabric you aren’t interested.  Please take time to read through the listings.  One place is looking for sheets that they use for quilts that go over seas for Lutheran World Relief.  There is a variety of needs.  I hope you can help fulfill some.

I think it’s so awesome that quilters are helping quilters.

1-Nancy Stearns
Quilt of Valor
Need:  quilt kits, red, white, and blue fabric, unfinished projects, and/or orphan blocks
I have made and donated 111 Quilts of Valor –

2-Ronda Reitz
I will finish any UFO’s or use any scraps to make a charity quilt from the start.
Charity quilts for kids, the Humane Society, Women & Children’s Shelter, etc.

3-Carolyn Dean from Pierce City Quilters
Need:  backings, battings, parts …
Our small group made 53 quilts for our local soldiers who went to Afghanistan. We are now making small quilts for Children’s Advocacy Center – children of all ages who are going through trauma.

Linus project
Need:  Children’s Fabrics and batting
provide quilts for children and babies in need

5-Janet Orr
Royal Family Kids Camp
Need:  quilt tops, fabric, backing fabric, batting (can be scraps to be sewn together) – anything suitable for children ages 6 to 12.
We aim for quilts approx. 50 x 60 which are given to each child attending camp.

6-Gladys Wahl
Need: Fabric, for adults. Backings, either yardage or sheets
Most of the quilts I make go to the Iowa Veterans home at Marshalltown, IA. These range in size from wheel chair to lap, and up to twin size. There are men and women so about any fabric will work, except kids novelties, and seasonal. Most of my quilts are scrappy, and I can always use scraps, and pieces and parts that you have made, such as; for patches, nine patches, 1/2 square triangles and ect. Neutrals are always needed..

7-Joyce Mullis
Need:  unfinished quilts and kits would be welcome
4 of us donate about 20 quilts a year to Hospice and would like to increase that number. My guild donates to children in hospital and battered women’s shelter – number varies, about 20 a year.

8-Sandra Hemmingsen
Need:  Anything quilt related; fabric of any size, batting of any size, tools, thread. I will also work with unfinished projects or orphan blocks. I love the challenge of trying to finish these projects.
I work with several groups which do charity quilts and other fabric items. I am chair of my church’s quilt group. We have made quilts for several charities and missions. We had a member of our church serve as a nurse missionary in Kenya and we made quilts for her for over 7 years. One year we sent about 50. We made approx. 25 quilts that went to a missionary that serves burn victims, many of them children. We also make a quilt for the babies born to members of our church family. We have made quilts for Head Start and for the local hospital to be given to patients in distress. Last year we made quilts that were given out at a major mission project we have had for a number of years. “Winterize Your Neighbor” gives to anyone who comes items they need to keep warm during the winter months. This includes all items of clothing including shoes and boots, bedding, and we even gave a Christmas tree to a family. All items are donated by our church members and other churches and people of the community. This year we will be giving quilts that we have made to this project. Bedding seems to be a very needed item. I also help with quilts at another local church. They also make quilts that are given to Methodist mission projects, families in distress, the local hospital for patients in distress, and other places in need. Fayette County has a group of quilters who are making quilts for the World War II veterans of the county. Red, white, and blue fabric will also go to this group. I have been given fabric in the past and have contributed to these groups. This I continue to do and if I do receive any gifts it will be shared with these groups.

9-Donita Moore
4-H Quilts of Valor
Need:  red, white (neutral), blue fabrics- We do scrappy. Thanks for offering this for others!
Quilts for Quilts of Valor through the Nebraska 4-H program

10-Elane Jones
Lutheran World Relief
Need:  Any fabric, sheets, curtains, bedspreads, blankets
Packed 506 quilts for Lutheran World Relief

11-Bonnie Lippincott
Need:  Fabric, especially pink for baby quilts, orphan blocks, red, white and blue fabric.
We make baby quilts for Camp Pendleton marine families. Lap/twin quilts for Senior Santa and the Veterans Home in Long Beach, Pillowcases for the Foster Care Auxiliary, and Quilts of Valor, and various other charities upon request.

12-Joyce Chapman
Hens and Needles Quilt Guild
Need: patriotic fabrics and red, white, gold, and blue blender fabrics
We are doing QOVs for our local vets. It is an on-going project. We made 26 last year and have over 60 tops this year (currently quilting them). It has made a large dent in our fabric stash.

13-Linda Miller
Victoria Quilts; Sew on Fire; MCC – Mennonite Central Committee
Need:  VQ can only use 100% cotton on top and flannel on the bottom. Sew on Fire and MCC can use any type of fabric
We are doing QOVs for our local vets. It is an on-going project. We made 26 last year and have over 60 tops this year (currently quilting them). It has made a large dent in our fabric stash.

14-Lynn Hassebroek
Heartwarmer’s Quilt Guild
Need:  masculine or patriotic fabric, also any solids in red, white or blue
Every Veteran’s Day our area sponsors a Hunting with Hero’s weekend for four soldiers from Camp Laguna. Each year our guild makes four quilts to present to the soldiers. We try and use denim from jeans that are donated in each quilt as well as other fabrics. Heartwarmer’s Quilt Guild has a Facebook page so you can see past projects, we meet monthly at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Buffalo Center, Iowa.

I you are interested in being a volunteer quilt binder follow this link HERE.  If you would like to volunteer to longarm quilt follow this link  HERE.

Thanks so much to everyone who has worked to make this happen.

10 thoughts on “Find a Place to Give Your Unwanted Projects and Fabric to!!”

  1. It will be wonderful to have this for a reference for us all to use, glad you are putting a tab at the top of the page for us. Thank you for all the extra work.

  2. Cheryl in Dallas

    Jo, So glad you and Kelli put together this list of people who can use fabric to make quilts for charities. Thanks for your efforts. I will refer to this list in the future to share my bounty.

    Ronda made such a wonderful quilt with the parts you sent to her. I’m impressed with those wonky stars. Good work, Ronda! Thanks to the original quilter who started that project and then shared her UFO with another quilter.

  3. Ditto to what Kim & Cheryl said. Would it be possible to list what state these people are in? Just thinking about keeping stuff local when possible, and also shipping costs. Thanks Jo and Kelli!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful resource! Kudos to you for putting it together. Another bit of information that could be helpful is what state items would be sent to. That way donors could better estimate the cost of shipping. Or maybe potential donors and recipients are near each other and dropping things off could be an option. Sometimes things are happening right under our noses and we are not aware!

  5. thank you for this wonderful list…I have a few finished tops and lots of blocks/fabric to share…hoping to find someone sort of close so I can send more with saved shipping costs…

  6. Ronda’s quilt is delightful. So pretty and feminine. Would have loved to have a seen a “before” photo of what she actually received from you so I could see how she developed those blocks , scraps, whatever, into this beautiful finished quilt. Congratulations, Ronda!

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