Finally…after a YEAR!

About a year ago I started working on my upstairs bathroom.  When we first moved in we were tapt out in the money department.  There was no room in the budget for matching towels, shower curtains of my choosing, curtains and the other extras.  I simply used what we had and made due.  It didn’t bother me.  I was so tickled to have the house.

Then last year I got the itch to slowly improve the bathroom.  One of the things I don’t love about my bathroom is the window.  It’s hidden behind the tub and shower curtain.  It’s at a position that you can PERFECTLY see someone sitting on the toilet so I’ve always kept the shower curtain and the regular curtain over the window as protection.

I secretly started to wish we had put in a frosted glass window.  That’s when I started searching and found this….

It’s like contact paper and sticks to windows to give the frosted glass look.

You can find it HERE on Amazon.

Well I was so excited and bought it.  Then is sat..and sat…and sat.  I love Kramer dearly but anything precise, he struggles with.  I was trying to get the courage to do it myself but that never came.

Then a couple weeks ago Kayla and Spencer were home.  Spencer’s good at doing little jobs for me so I got brave and asked him to do this….and he did…See?I went to take a picture of Spencer while he was cutting the material.  He needed my rotary cutter and mat.

We all laughed and were sure someone reading the blog would think we shouldn’t be cutting this with my good cutter…but I want it done and am willing to sacrifice a blade if need be.  (honestly, the blade needed to changed anyway but I didn’t tell them that!)

Spencer is really a perfectionist so he was the perfect person to do this!!
It went really well…

We didn’t have the recommended squiggy so he used a putty knife.

Here’s how the window looks finished.  I am so happy with it.  SO-happy!!

Our window still needs the wood trim.  That was on this year’s winter work list but cancer got in the way.  UGH.  It will be here for next year.

In the meantime, I can enjoy my frosted window.  MUCH, MUCH better!!

Thanks Spencer!!

15 thoughts on “Finally…after a YEAR!”

  1. We have the same issue with the bathroom and have used this too. In addition, we live in the neighborhood where the houses are close, so we did this to the bottom half of one bedroom window.
    Isn’t it nice to get these little (big) jobs done. Good job!

  2. Item #1 is a toothpick dispenser. You put toothpicks in the log and then tap the woodpecker. The woodpecker picks them up with his beak. I have one like it from my Mother and played with it when I was a kid. Looks like yours has been repainted. Mine has a brown log and the bird is a red headed woodpecker.

  3. How exciting to get something finished. It makes me feel so much better to be able to cross those things off and I’m thinking you feel the same way.

    Thank you to Spencer!

  4. Always so nice to get those types of things done. And Spencer at that kid table is pretty funny, but it gave him nice leverage to reach everything.

  5. My school library has corner windows, so we used one with a geometric design to cover them. Cuts down on the kids tapping and getting distracted by passers-by.

  6. That is very pretty! I have used the frosted contact paper before, never thought to see if they made something prettier!

  7. Carolyn Sullivan

    we used something similar to reflect the heat on out back windows. we liked it so much (effectiveness) that we put it on the front windows.

  8. If we lived in Iowa instead of Michigan I would totally send over my newly minted carpenter son to trim out that window. He loves doing trim so much that they call him the Trimmeister!

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