Festival of Quilts

Last Saturday Kelli and I were slated to present at the Festival of Quilts in Spring Grove Minnesota.  We regularly drive through Spring Grove on our way to Lacrosse to go to the doctor and have long admired the town and thought if were were ever to pick a town to live in, we thought Spring Grove would be a good choice.  With all the wonderful people we met on Saturday, we didn’t change our mind a bit.

We hadn’t been to the Festival of Quilts before so it was fun to experience something new….  There were quite a few quilts there and we took in them all.  This is a portion of what we saw.


This show is unique in that visitor may purchase the quilts.

The show was mostly fabric quilts but one person had these for show and sale and well…they are wooden.  Awesome..right?


There was a whole table with more of them.  I really wanted the one with two blocks in the back to the far right.  I even knew of the perfect place I would have hung it…sadly it was sold.


I snapped this picture hoping to get the makers information.  I know all of you like this stuff so thought someone might want the info.


Now back to the fabric quilts….



I’ve always wanted to make a quilt in the layout below.


This one I loved.


This one was sold.




One person had done a lot of embroidery and hand quilting on this quilt…wow..what handwork!




Quilt-festival-15 Quilt-festival-16

Vintage quilts were being sold too.  This one was only $225 I think…WOW!



Several quilts had already been sold by the time we made it there.

We had a really good time and were so glad we were able to get out and meet some people….FUN-FUN.

..oh I forgot to tell you about the vendors…ah, I’ll save that for another post.

We’ll be out and about again on Saturday….Check us out at the Northeast Iowa Quilt Guild show being held over the weekend at the Decorah Middle School.  You can find out more information about that here.

5 thoughts on “Festival of Quilts”

  1. Love those wooden blocks! I enlarged the photo with the info but it is too blurry to see. Would you mind emailing me the information? Thanks!

  2. Jo, I am not able to read the contact information on wooden blocks either, could you email or include in a post? Thanks!

  3. Jo, I too would like the information on the wooden quilt blocks. Could you include the info on one of your posts? Thank you

  4. One nice thing about this quilt show (other than seeing Jo and Kelli) was that there was a bake sale. I got some good homemade bread and jam. Two things I never make for myself. Wahoo!

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