Feeling Frustrated….

Remember a week or two ago…I was working on Hopscotch, Butterscotch from Bonnie Hunter’s Adventures in Leaders and Enders….

Well I ran into a SNAFU… the instruction are WRONG.  For the blocks the instructions say to sew 2 – 13 inch strips together….then sub cut into 4 – 3.5 inch pieces.  Well that just doesn’t add up.  If you multiply 3.5 x 4, it equals 14 SO the strips should have been 15 inches long to ensure I would get the pieces out I needed.  I am frustrated.

So….I posted a note about it on the yahoo group, Quiltville chat.  Well…it turns out there is another typo in the pattern!  For the borders, I am suppose to cut a 2″ x 4.5″ and 2″ x 2″ and sew them together.  Then I am suppose to attach that to a 6.5″ strip.  Well guess what?  That isn’t going to work either.  By the time I sew the 4.5 and 2 inch strip together it’s now 6″ long…How do I add that to a 6.5″ strip….oh frustration.

Further….Someone on the group just posted that there is a problem with the Denim Rails quilt in the Scraps and Shirttails book.  Apparently the book lists that the strip should be 9.5″ BUT it should read 10.5″.

After all these difficulties, I decided to check Quiltville.com and see if there were corrections listed there… there are and here’s a link to the page http://quiltville.com/errata.shtml.  There are actually more corrections then I have already listed, so if you own either of these books, I would suggest checking out the corrections BEFORE cutting or sewing.

So my word of caution:  Make one block and test out the pattern before cutting into all you fabric like I did…UGH!

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8 thoughts on “Feeling Frustrated….”

  1. I do own autographed copies of her books and am thankful you are pointing this out! I’ll have to print it out and stick with the book! It is a shame that proper time wasn’t taken to proofread!

  2. Good Catch Jo but sorry for the bad timing of it. I love Bonnie’s patterns and have both books but hadn’t made anything from them yet so I am glad to know about this so I can print it out and put them in the books for the future.

    Definitely frustrating so I hope you’ve got enough fabric to “make it work”! Good Luck!!

  3. I have never made a test block before, but maybe it’s a good habit to get into. I hope this project doesn’t become a UFO now, because I’m sure it’s going to look great.

  4. I had the same thing happen to me. I bought her book and jumped right in cutting for a quilt. I never make test blocks so I found the mistake like you did. I emailed her straight away and told her of the mistake but she just this week posted the correction. I don’t want to talk bad about her as I know she is a very busy person, but I think she could have posted corrections much sooner.

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