Feeling a Little Spoiled

Last Friday the weatherman predicted snow.  Kalissa and Craig with the boys and also Karl all live in town so we decided to get together, have super, and play board games.

We had a great time laughing and having fun.  As we played, we got a terrible mix of rain and sleet and froze immediately where ever it landed.  This was the same night of the terrible tornados.  While they were getting those, we were getting this.

That’s ice frozen to my house.  The driveway was a slick ice skating rink.

Sometime overnight the ice/sleet changed over to snow and we woke to two inches of snow.  It blew a bit so it looks like more.

Karl called me and asked if I wanted him to come over and blow my snow.  I said sure and was so excited.  We’ve never had a snow blower before.  Last year after Karl moved to his house, I realized I wouldn’t have help for clearing off the sidewalks.  I knew my shoulder wasn’t in good shape either.  That lead me to start thinking about a snowblower.

I talked to our son Buck.  He has a snow removal business and uses snowblowers all of the time.  I asked if there was some style of a snowblower that wasn’t a pull start.  I knew my shoulder couldn’t handle that either.

He told me yes and started talking to me about electric start snowblowers.

A few weeks later I was at his house to watch the kids and he was loading up his snow equipment to put it in storage for the year.  He showed me a snowblower and said this was the style he was thinking of for me.  It was lightweight and I could easily get it around the house and up on the back patio of cement that I also need to remove snow on.  This seemed perfect for me….so I started pulling some money aside for it with the intention of buying one in the fall.

In early September I talked to Buck and told him I wanted a snowblower.  I had the money and could he just buy it for me.  I told him I was worried about not being able to get one because of the supply chain issues and all of that so if he was able to get one for me, please do.  He did.

When Buck came and picked up the kids when I watched them on Thanksgiving weekend, he brought my snowblower.  I was immediately impressed…it is so lightweight.  I can easily maneuver it lifting it up a bit to pivot.  It was the first time ever that I was actually looking forward to some snow so we could test it out.

It is an electric start.  YAHOO!! No shoulder issues.   It even has directions for newbies on it!!  I love that!!

Friday was the day for testing it out for real…Here’s Karl using it.

Karl is giving it a big…thumbs up.

I hire someone to clean out the driveway but I still have a long sidewalk and the walk up to my door…and in front of the garage…and along the driveway sidewalk and the back patio that all needs snow removal.  In the past, it would take me alone about an hour to shovel it all if I was doing it myself and we had five inches…and then I’d have a back problem.  So, this is a real treat!!  I’m feeling a little spoiled.

Karl and I were both really impressed with how it worked.

This time around we did blow the driveway but from now on, we’ll be back to hiring out the driveway done.

Karl had so much fun.  Dare I hope the novelty of a new snowblower won’t wear off??

The good news is that even if it does, I think I can completely handle this snowblower all on my own.

A big shout out to Buck for picking one out for me…and to Karl for doing the work.

If you want to know more about the snowblower that Buck recommended HERE is an Amazon link to it.  I am super happy…and Karl is too.  We’re both feeling a little bit spoiled.

11 thoughts on “Feeling a Little Spoiled”

  1. Good for you for making the decision to get a power snow remover. I showed it to my DH and we looked it up….what model number did you get? Thanks for the hint and info.

  2. That sure look likes it is the right size for what you have even if you did your driveway. I am happy that Buck was able to find a good one for you and who knows, maybe Karl will still like to use it for you – guys and their tools!

  3. My daughters, their best friend and I all live on the same street, so a few years ago, we all went together on a good-size snowblower. Even though we don’t get a lot of snow like the rest of Canada (think Seattle-type weather), when we do it’s wet and heavy. My son-in-law enjoys it so much he also does some of the elderly neighbours driveways as he moves down the street towards my place! Hopefully it never wears off for Karl.

  4. Looks similar to or exactly what we have, and we love it! It’s easy to push and can go through a lot of snow. We also love the electric start.

  5. Getting an electric start is such a great idea, why wreck your shoulders? So happy that Buck could help you get the right one the first time. Yea! Karl looks good plowing

  6. You have such great sons (including SiL’s) who constantly make me smile with the things they do for you. You are so blessed. We got a new snowblower last winter and it makes such a difference. My son loves it and almost looks forward to it snowing now!

  7. Judith Fairchild

    That’s not being spoiled that’s great children taking care of Momma and Momma making sure to take care of herself. A huge Well Done to you and your boys. Having snow and ice on b the ground isn’t a fun proposition. Glad you all are safexand warm.

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