Feeling 49….

So Sunday was my birthday.  I’m 49 now.  I kind of chuckled to myself when I started thinking about how I felt being 49.  I don’t know that 49 is a problem…but 50.  That might be a problem.

See back when I was 29, something silly happened.  My kids tried to make it a big deal that I had a birthday and that I was then 30.  For some reason, 30 was just not a number I wanted to be so I told my kids I was just 29 for the second time….then my birthday came around again and I was 29 for the third and again for the 4th time.

That next birthday…I turned 34.  Isn’t it funny how some birthdays hit us funny and others just glide past.  40 didn’t bother me a drop….

…so this time…I am happily 49.  Who knows what 50 will bring.  Will I insist on being 49 for the second year or own up to my 50?

Did you have a birthday that left you repeating a year like I did at 29?  It’s funny how as a kid we can’t wait to get older and now that we are older, we’d be happy with just having the years slow down…it’s that way for me anyway.

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  1. happy birthday, and many more 29’s to come! Actualy I’ve always told people how old I am and I don’t look it. So no one believes me. I was carded way into my 30’s! LOL
    My mom and sister do that count backwards to something and then up again itll 29…. silly

  2. Wow !! Happy Birthday !! And you spent your B-Day working !! Trust me , 49 is a distant memory and the years fly by !! Enjoy everyone of them !!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Jo! I should have remembered that, as that’s my baby brother’s B’day also. He turned the big 50. (I’m not sure how that happened!) Anyway, I hope your days was extra special. You deserve it! Take care!

  4. Related to your post today. I’m now in my late 50’s (still can’t say how old!) and when I turned 30 I just couldn’t handle it, so I said I was 29 for the 2nd time. I did this for years until I couldn’t figure it out. :) I was fine with 40 but not with 50. So just do what I did and add the digits, when folks ask your age tell them “I’m 13, you figure it out.” :)

  5. Happy Birthday! I thought 30 would be the BIG ONE, but it passed without incident. However, 35 hit me from left field! I’ve pretty much avoided the big ones since then — hid in a hole, turned the calendar back, pretended I didn’t notice. Next year it’s 70. My mother died at 71–too young–and I want to make sure I make it past that. I don’t think anyone in my family understands the importance ….

  6. Happy Birthday! When I was 29 my mother thought I was 30! When I was 49 I had lung cancer. Now I am 69 and looking forward to being 70. They are all just numbers!

  7. Phyllis in Minnesota

    Any birthday ending in a 9 is a tough one…………well except 19 but that was so long ago I’ve forgotten how it felt.
    Hope you had a great day!!

  8. LOL. Happy Birthday! Adding another year to your age beats the alternative! I hit 50 this year…its been a good year. My age has never bothered me although when someone asks me how old I am, it always surprises me when I say it.

  9. My Mother’s was 26. “It’s the 25 anniversary of my 26th Birthday!” 50 was nothing to me. 60….that’s a tough one. That’s when your body starts changing!

  10. My husband said he was 39 for years, until our oldest told him that she was way past 30 now and it sounded weird to have their ages be so close. Funny, I don’t feel like 60 inside. The outside of me is sure starting to feel like it though, and look like it!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! Maybe next year you can be 49.95. :) We may want time to go slower as we get older, but it seems to me it just speeds up. Anyway, you’re only and old as you think you are, forget the numbers.

  12. Happy Birthday Jo! No birthday bothered me until 60 . That was just so hard to believe. My mom died at 63 .
    I know it’s only a number but how did it get here so fast?!! Anyway enjoy every one!

  13. When I consider the alternative each birthday feels very good! When I turned 40 my kids (then ages 11 & 8) decided that I couldn’t be that old and was going to be 39 again. The next year they said I was 38, and the next year 37, etc. For several years it was a running joke. After they graduated from college they came to me and asked, very seriously, how old was I really? It was fun for several years!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! I’ll be celebrating my 52nd tomorrow. The hardest age for me was when I turned 35 (weird I know) my younger brother called me, at work non the less, and wished me a happy birthday and told me I was “half way there”. Kind of hit me the wrong way. Tears at work…

    Fifty will be easy for you, Jo, you are so active, it will be another number:)

  15. Happy Belated Birthday! I will be 49 on Sunday. I am thankful for my blessing and either way you slice it, any birthday is better than the alternative!

  16. I can understand (Libby) how you want to be older than the age your mother was when she died. My mom died at 69 and I turned 70 this year, so I am happy. Jo – you think the years go by fast now – just wait until you are in the 60’s and 70’s. Time really flies then.

  17. Happy birthday Jo! My birthday is coming up right after Christmas. I will be 29 yet again! (actually I will be 62) How on earth did that happen? my kids tease me all the time. My grands are starting to ask are you going to be 29 AGAIN? I feel 29, it’s my birthday and I can say how old I am! 30, 40, 50 and 60 were all hard birthdays. I married a younger man. he is 1.5 months younger than I. so I get teased there too. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!! hugs…

  18. I hated turning 29 because I thought it sounded so phony. I’d had my third child a month earlier and was glad I could put 28 as my age on the birth certificate. I felt terrible, however, for having to put my husband’s age as 30. That seemed so old at the time.

    Cindy in NC

  19. Happy Birthday a little late and I think 60 was my worse year and wished I was 50 again but turning 65 really took it’s toll on me… but I survived and tell everyone I am 39 and holding.

  20. Happy Birthday Jo. I love your blog. I love watching the progress on your house. I love your quilts. Actually you are my favorite person to follow. Even though I am 71 most people say I look like I am in my 50’s but I think they exaggerate and it’s more like 60’s. I have never been one to worry over how old I am but I have a sister that literally fell apart every time she hit a new decade.

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