Feeding a Farmer: Chicken Quesadilla

I have a series called Feeding a Farmer. It’s food that can be prepared in a few minutes to make a meal for those last minute meal times.  To find out how this all originated, check out this link.  Keep in mind, none of these foods are glamorous…they are fast…and not bad tasting.

Kelli got a new Pizzazz for a shower present.  She asked me if I’d like her old one.  I wasn’t especially excited about it as we eat little to no frozen food including frozen pizza. Rarely do we eat anything pre-made so I didn’t know if I would use it at all besides, who needs another appliance-not me.

I ended up taking it figuring if I didn’t end up using it I would just pass it along to Goodwill.  I have ended up loving it.  I don’t use it a lot but we do use it more and more.  Yesterday I had a short notice that Hubby would be in for lunch so I quick plugged the Pizzazz in and start it heating.

While it was spinning around I added some Chicken Alfredo sauce, left over chicken and cheese.


I sprayed a tortilla with cooking spray and popped that on top.


In about eight minutes I had a Quesadilla.

They are VERY good.

I gave Hubby this along with some baked beans and cottage cheese.  It was a very easy no hassle lunch that tasted good too.

I really love the Pizzazz.  I started making garlic bread with it and it is so good.  I’ll take pictures and share the recipe next time I make it.

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