Featherweight Anyone?

Ah…I had hoped that I would have a quilt finished to show you but I decided to work “full speed ahead” on my Tulip Fields quilt.  I so want to get it done.  It won’t get done unless I give it a push…so push is what I’m doing.

I do have something else I want to show you today though….A Featherweight…a Singer 221…a gem.

Two weeks ago I delivered a Featherweight to someone in Decorah.  While I was there I decided to stop and check in with a gal that I’ve been able to get a couple Featherweights from before.  I was hoping on the off chance that she might have another one…SHE DID!!  So did I buy it…YEP!

I bought it and was told that it hadn’t been gone through but it was believed to work.  It was time to find out if that was true.

The case was pretty good.  The handle works…the latches work.  It would use a does of shoe polish or something to spiff up the case but structurally all good.

There were extra feet….a couple extra bobbins…and a key.  YEP the key does work and does lock the case.

Time of truth…does she work?
She’s shiny….

Her decals are good but most importantly…does she sew???

UGH.  The answer was…..No!

AH…I was so frustrated.  I threaded and rethreaded.  I used a different thread.  I changed the needle.  CRAP.

I putzed for about an hour…no luck.  Then I remembered Kayla had trouble with the machine that Spencer bought her.  I remembered it was something about the part that holds the bobbin….I checked and Hmmm.  I thought I was right.

I decided to go and get my Featherweight.  I compared….YES, I was right.
In the photo above you can see that metal piece my finger is toughing is out of place.  That “part” is suppose to be at the 12 o’clock position.

Hubby was home. So I showed him the problem.  
He agreed and after I found a small screwdriver, she was all ready for another try.

All fixed.

…and just like that, she sewed like a charm.  YAHOO!  She’s working beautifully now.  She has a nice uniform stitch that I am super happy with.

I didn’t oil her…I always think it’s best for a new owner to do that.  It’s a good chance for the owner and machine to “get to know each other”.  Seriously.

When I was unplugging the machine, I noticed that the cord was needing a little TLC.

I put a little electrical tape on her and she’s good to go.

Looking her up her serial number is AL019676.  That looks like August of 1952 was her date or birth.
Looking good for a 66 year old!!
With that I went to reference my list of people who were looking for a Featherweight so I could contact one and see if they were interested.  Everyone on my list is wanting something picky (which I totally understand) things like “a scroll plate”….”one the year of their birth”…”a white one”…”a tan one”.  (I almost got a white one two weeks ago.  I was so sad I missed it.)

I currently don’t have a buyer for this one.  So she is for sale.  The price on her is $375.  The case is in good shape.  The decals are awesome.  She stitches like a charm.  The only problem which isn’t terrible is the electrical tape on the cord.

I’m willing to drive an hour or so…or ship it.  I have a good shipping guy.  I’m guessing it would be around $45 to ship in the 48 states.  If you’re interested, drop me an email at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.   I know that Connie has picked up a couple Featherweights recently and will have them for sale at some point so even if you don’t get this one…no worries.  She might have one and I’ll keep looking.  The machine has been SOLD!!  THANKS.

he’d make an awesome Christmas gift….(just saying)

8 thoughts on “Featherweight Anyone?”

  1. My birth month and year! I’d love to have something as old as me that still works. I’ll buy it but it will need shipped.

  2. Try http://www.Singer-Featherweight.com for many tutorials for featherweight repairs. I’ve watched their tutorials and found them to be very good. My sister and I now fix our own machines and have found that we were using the wrong grease for the motors!!! We just used what was with our machines when we got them….not a good idea. Most of the tutorials I watched were because I found them to be interesting.

  3. Seems these machines go so fast one can’t grab one fast enough. Maybe you could set a lowest price for one and then put it on one of your auctions here on your blog. That would help those out here in blog land a chance to get one. Just a thought. I recently got a Singer 401 A Slang O Magic in a cabinet in perfect shape and runs so smooth. At an Estate Sale that was mostly guitars, records and amplifiers and my machine in the middle lol.

  4. I have a featherweight that I inherited from my mom. It runs but doesn’t pick up the bobbin thread. Will have to look to see if that’s the problem. And thanks to Donna A for the website – will have to check it out.
    Jo, your blog really does bring people together!

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