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I started a new feature here on the blog called Jo’s Favorite Finds.  In these posts, I’m going to share some things I’ve discovered.  You might already know about them…and some you might not.  Here are today’s featured items.

I have some favorite finds to share with you today…the first one I am super excited about is a new holder for cleaning wipes. This is one of those things that the second I saw it I bought it.

I am a big-time user of wipes in the kitchen. I use them for everything. My daughter Kalissa got me started on using them back in 2019 or so.

Back when Covid hit I was one of those VERY sad people who hunted and looked to find them because I truly used them ALL THE TIME…and they were really hard to find. When I did, quantities were limited.

The one thing that I don’t like is that I use them all the time so the container is out all the time…and it’s not very clean or nice looking.

I ended up seeing on Amazon that they have…

containers for the wipes to go in. I immediately ordered one!!

The lid screws off. I took off the lid of the original plastic container and put the container into the new much better-looking canister.

Oh, I like this so much better. I don’t mind having the wipes out all the time if they are in the new sleak container. The container comes in black, stainless, and white. I ended up with the black. You can find them HERE if you are interested.

I have the worst time with the grandkids losing my Roku remote. UGH. I finally went to Amazon and just bought a two-pack of remotes. I am so thankful that they are cheap…it beats yelling about the remote all of the time. It was only $12 for two of them. You can find them HERE if you use a Roku and you have remote losers in your house. If I am by myself, I NEVER lose it. Carver is the worst…spending $12 for replacements is much better than being mad at him all the time.

In the toy department, one of my latest favorite finds is these Duplo Lego road pieces. Gannon is a big-time Lego lover. I bought the road pieces from Amazon to give him another option for playing. He loves them. Sometimes he builds houses and people live along the street…sometimes he builds fire and police stations and puts the street out in front. I found them HERE on Amazon.

As I was writing this and finding the link to show you, Gannon and I discovered that there are curved pieces too. We ended up having to order some of them too. He’s so spoiled.

You might remember not too long ago I finished up the set of cross-stitch pillows. I had enough crushed walnuts to finish them but not much more than that. I made a note to myself that I need to pick some up. Our local Walmart didn’t have them and honestly, that’s about the only place within a half hour from my house that might have them.

I had no idea when I’d be going to a larger town and wanted some as I know I have more pincushions to finish…besides, the last time I went to PetSmart in Rochester, MN, they didn’t have any. So I checked Amazon and they had them. I know people say shop local but for some items, it’s really hard. It was much easier for me to order them than to stop in three stores to see if they carry them only to have to go home and order them anyway. I shop locally when I can but sometimes when you live rural especially, it’s hard.

This is what I use. You can find it HERE on Amazon. I put a little polyfill in the corners of my pincushions, fill the rest with walnut shells and then put polyfill at the opening again.

It’s my favorite way to finish pincushions.

That’s all I have for you today on favorite finds. If you have some favorite finds, please share them in the comment section.

14 thoughts on “Favorite Finds”

  1. I feel we are often forced to buy products online. There are items that I have always gotten in a store, but stores don’t carry any longer. Then recently I need more HeatNBond for a project, and of course it was cheaper (a lot cheaper) and easier to order online and receive the following day than to take the time to go into town to buy it and we are only 8 miles from town.

    1. There is a problem with several of your posts…when open they are just gobbledygook – like code. Recently the baptism post, favorite finds, and a few others. Frustrating! Thought you should know!

  2. Sharon Harris

    There’s a problem with the Baptism post. It just looks like a bunch of code when it opens up.

  3. In today’s email there were three blog posts in one email. They always come that way. First up was Faborite Finds. Next, Baptism for Anders and lastly Weekend Fun. I always read from bottom to top as that seems chronological. Baptism for Anders was scrambled. It seems to always be the middle post that is scrambled. Well that is my report, since you asked. I love your blogs, they feel like letters from an old friend! Becky

    1. I too had some scrambled posts, tiny print, gibberish, today mine was when i hit the read more link in the favorite finds blog. but then i went to a different computer and it was fine?

  4. Lorraine Hess

    Sometimes I get the same gibberish as the above people. It’s always when I hit the read more tab. If I go to your blog site it comes out okay to read. It only happens on your auto emails.

  5. There is a Roku app you can download for your cell phone that that acts as a remote. I hate typing in something to search for on the Roku remote but on the app it’s more like texting. It doesn’t work for typing in everything so still need the real remote somewhat handy. I can also plug my headphones into the phone and listen to the TV. My remote is supposed to work that way but was a real battery suck and then quite working anyway. My cell phone is Android but I imagine there is an app for the iPhone too.

  6. Today I can go back and read about Anders baptism, and I can read this favorite finds post. I cannot, however, read the top two posts on the page, which are new. Computer code/gibberish. Thank you for taking note of the problem, and I hope you’ll find a solution soon.

  7. I’m trying to read the blog posted We’d May 17, when I hit read more I get the weird text too.tried going to your site,same thing.I miss the blog,but can’t get it today.

  8. Karin A Roosa

    Today I had computer gibberish for the first two posts, and the first one was about tonite’s live presentation. How do I tune in?

  9. My favorite find is a “zip lock bag organizer”. I had ten boxes of different size baggies. They all fit in the organizer, in a 12 x 12 space. Minimalist Mom recommended this product.

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