Fat Tuesday in Waucoma

If you live in our area you’ve likely heard about the annual testicle (yes I said testicle) festival.  In more polite company it might be called a “rocky mountain oyster feed”.   Whatever you call it, it’s a pretty big event around here.  Some people drive from an hour away just to come….

Several years ago the Waucoma First Responders were looking for a way to raise money for improved equipment.  Someone came up with the idea of having a “rocky mountain oyster feed”.  It’s a creative bunch so they decided that they would go with the idea and have never looked back.  The event was a success the first time and is every single year.


They always have free will donation buckets out and the community as well as though who travel to come are very generous.  This year they are using the proceeds to purchase a new defibulator (AED) for the Waucoma Event Center.  They are hoping they will never need the equipment but want to be prepared in case they ever do.

I’ve told you before on the blog what a great group of people the first responders are and I truly mean it.  Each and every one of them volunteer many hours each year in service to the community.  We would be lost without them.  In our area with ambulances and hospitals 20-30 minutes away, it’s crucial that we have these people ready to respond in a moments notice.

The members of the group shown here are drying the testicles before they get battered and fried.

I’ll be honest. I’m not an “oyster” fan-but I sure am thankful that there are people out there who are because their support of the “oyster feed” helps our entire community.  I gotta say, I love out little town.

So are any of you “oyster” fans??

8 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday in Waucoma”

  1. Yes, I am, as a matter of fact. I’m a fan of both sea and land oysters, although it’s been 40 years or more since I’ve sampled any of the land variety.

  2. No thank you. A small city near us has a festival around this theme. It draws hundreds of people. I have never been to it thoigh.

  3. I’m not an “oyster” fan although we have a plentiful supply sometimes on our beef cattle farm. I’ve never heard of this kind of festival but I might check it out if I were there. Good luck to your first responders. I hope they raise lots of money for their wonderful cause!

  4. Yes, I grew up raising beef cattle and we always had “mountain oyster” feeds! People don’t know what they are missing!! They are delicious in my humble opinion, and what a great fund raiser, wish we lived closer!

  5. I am even more fond of them washed and fresh off the propane grill that they are heating the branding irons with. . . you don’t grow up in “God’s Own Cow Country” Nebraska and not enjoy them! :)

  6. I have to admit I tried them not knowing what they were and loved them. Had I known, 1. I wouldn’t have tried them and 2. I might have had a pre-determined idea that they wouldn’t taste good. So glad I was tricked into it. Haven’t had them for years tho.

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