Fast Forward 7 months….

See this picture….It’s me with my niece Jody.  She’s my parents oldest grandchild, making her my first niece.  Jody is my sister Judy’s oldest daughter.

Judy is sixteen years older than me and I don’t remember her even living at home….I don’t remember her at all without her husband.  I was four when they got married and they had dated for about 2 years before they got married.  This all makes Jody four years younger than me.  She’s really more like a sister to me than my own sister…it’s odd.  Except for one time, I don’t even remember Judy without Jody.

This picture was taken last December.  Jody had just gifted this gorgeous cross stitch piece to me.  I treasure it dearly and have it hanging on my sewing room wall.  At the time this picture was taken…I didn’t know that it a few short weeks I’d be told my thyroid was acting up and that I had thyroid cancer and Jody didn’t know that in a few short months she’d be told her breast cancer had returned.


Jody was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago.  After a lumpectomy they ended up having to go in and do a mastectomy.  That along with reconstruction surgery left her fighting to be “back to herself” for over a year.

Last month she found out the breast cancer had returned.  She’s a brave girl and has decided to share her story.  She’s been blogging and telling about her experience.  You can find her blog here.

Like me, she’s fortunate in that she has family surrounding and supporting her.  Her and her hubby David have five kids range from middle schoolers to one in elementary.  They are a wonderful bunch of kids that I adore.

Jody has been a wonderful support to me throughout my time with cancer….she understands as she’s been there too.  Sadly, she’s doing a repeat.

My thoughts and prayers are with her today….it’s surgery day for her.  After some recovery then it’s on to chemo and radiation…….Oh I wish this was something she didn’t have to go through.  It’s so hard knowing people I love are in pain.

I have looked and looked at the picture.  No where does the photo say or indicate that in a few months both of us would be dealing with cancer…but cancer made it’s way into both of our lives.

It’s my hope that looking ahead to the next time my birthday rolls around we’ll be both at a point we can put cancer behind us.

Anyone who is inclined to pray…please add Jody and her family to your list.  She’s super special to me.

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  1. I put you in my prayer journal every night. I’m going to add Jody tonight. So hard for her to have it return. I’m so sorry!

  2. My prayers are with your whole family as this is a tough time and GOD is there to hold yours and Jody’s hand all the way, GOD is still in the healing business.

  3. God Bless Jody. Prayers for both of you. Thanks for sharing difficult subjects. Cancer touches all of us. My Mom’s lymphoma has returned and she just finished another round of chemo. Some days it’s hard to see the joy in the world and your blog is so inspiring.

  4. Will be adding Jody to my prayers for all who are fighting against that terrible disease! I’ve lost a brother, a father-in-law and sister-in-law and I pray to not lose any more loved ones.

  5. Prayers for your whole family. It takes the whole family for support, encouragement and enough love to pull the good times and the not so good times.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that your niece’s cancer has returned. The truth of the matter is that chemo & radiation can cause more cancer…either a return of the original or a new cancer caused by the treatments. Has she looked into some alternative treatments? Maybe to use along with the standard treatment? Essiac, B17, hemp oil, turmeric, frankincense oil, asparagus smoothies….sometimes they can just make treatment easier to take. A little research online would probably turn up more that were successful in the days before all the drugs.

  7. Marlene Klemp

    I am think Judy is the only one of your wonderful siblings I don’t know but I will certainly be praying for Jody and will continue to pray for you too Jo!

  8. My prayers have been with you Jo since the beginning of your diagnosis and I will add your cousin to my prayers as well. Cancer is such a sneaky, life threatening, dilapidating disease that takes so much out of the recipient as well as the family and loved ones of the person who has been diagnosed with this cruelest of all diseases. This is one thing that I can say that I truly HATE. I don’t use the term HATE much, but in this case…it (cancer) took my Mom a at the age of 43 (Just 2weeks shy of 44) away from me. I sit and think that I have out lived my Mom a by 12yrs already. I miss her terribly and miss being able to ask her questions about the things I’m going through now like menopause and the various changes to my body as I age. So to make this a little shorter I do understand what you’re going through and pray that you will both be strong enough to beat the odds stacked against you with all the prayers sent for you both. May God Bless you and Keep you and heal you both too!

  9. I’ve been praying for you and will add Jodi. Please give us updates now and then as I don’t have the time to follow another blog…

  10. Prayers for your niece and your continued recovery. A very good friend is going through treatment for breast cancer and I agree it’s very hard to know that someone you care for dearly is facing this.

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