Farmer’s Daughter FINISHED

Lucky Kelli has another quilt finish…this time it’s Farmer’s Daughter.  This is another of the quilts that was quilted while I was on quarantine.

I have loved this quilt from the first time I ever saw it.  The pattern is a Country Threads pattern.  She bought the pattern when we visited the quilt shop several years ago…sadly, the shop is closed so no pattern…I think it would be great is Martingale would get the Country Threads girl to do a book of their top 15 or so quilt patterns.  I am sure this one should be in it.  Goodness knows there are enough of us Country Threads fans out there to make the book a hit…or maybe do it like recording artist do when they release a greatest hits album.  They have mostly old hits along with two new quilts….hmm..I’ll have to put a bug in Mary’s ear.

Anyway, back to the quilt…isn’t it wonderful.


I sure think it is…but then I love Civil War reproduction fabrics….

The only thing I’d do different is….make it bigger (I know that doesn’t surprise you) 


Kelli does such a nice job with color.  I know she’s really good at using medium toned prints…me I tend to stick towards lights and darks and skip mediums.  That’s something I am working on though.

Ruby was distracted as I was snapping pictures.  The neighbor dogs were barking and that was much more interesting than getting her picture taken.

This one is destine to be a wedding present.  On of the weddings that Kelli is attending this summer is for a girl who is a “farmer’s daughter” so she thought being that was the name of the quilt, it would be appropriate to gift it to her.

I’m so happy that it’s finished and won’t be scrambling at the last minute to finish quilting it.  Kelli has been known to do that to me….

9 thoughts on “Farmer’s Daughter FINISHED”

  1. A similar pattern is Sister’s Choice, which is in Quiltville’s FREE PATTERNS. Just add smashing, fancy cornerstones and a piano key border. Job done.

  2. It is beautiful and will make a wonderful wedding present. I loved Country Threads and it was always on the list when I visited my mom in Osage. I glad that I own lots of there patterns and my stash has fabrics from the shop.

  3. Nice job on the quilt. I especially like the wide border. So much more interesting than just strips of one fabric. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. It is just lovely.. just lovely….an amazing wedding gift…..Country Threads designs will always pull at my heart….Just the best designs and use of color….

  5. I have this pattern, and I am proud to be a farmer’s daughter also! Beautiful job, Kelli and Jo! I’ve never seen it in reproduction fabrics and really like the finished quilt.

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