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A post from Kelli–

If you live in the Midwest, it’s likely that you are well aware that Fall is definitely here.  Over the past week, we’ve really experienced a cool-down.  I think Saturday the high was close to 50 and we’ve had a few nights that it has froze.  Unfortunately though, we have had lots and lots of rain.  And it looks like we are going to be getting more–like 3 to 7 inches over the upcoming week!  When I was looking, I saw that the high tomorrow is in the mid 70’s, but it looks like after that we are in the 60’s to 50’s more often than not for a while, which is fine by me.

I used to consider Fall my favorite season.  The colors were so pretty, the air smelled different, and I love snuggly cuddly clothes, so I felt like it was the season for me.  Then I started dating and married Jason….and my view changed.  This year, it seems more so and I think that has a lot to do with being pregnant and knowing that next year around this time, it’ll be the first time that I’ll be having to manage a child mostly on my own.  Jason already works a lot, but in the spring and fall, it’s not uncommon for me to wake him up between 5 or 6 (I’ll get up if I have to work) and then not see him til 10 or 11 at night.  The thought of managing that with a baby by myself is a little hard…especially while working full time at the hospital and part time at the nursing home.  It’s almost like a mourning feeling…

It has also gotten to the point in Fall where I am able to quit asking Jason if he’s going to be in early (before 8 or so) or late (after 9ish).  He told me the other day I can just assume always after 9 and if he’s in early consider it a pleasant surprise.  I think it was the next day when I looked out the window to see this–

They had been doing some work on the sprayer which is the front tractor and needed to get it out of the way so they could get to the chopper and combine.  They have a self propelled chopper which allows them to do some custom corn chopping and open fields so that the combine can harvest crops.  They have been doing this for some neighbors as a way to make some extra money.  They also have a tractor out with a gravity wagon, the packing tractor and one with the chopper box.  If I would have turned just a bit, you would have seen a few more in addition to some implements that have been out to be fixed and moved around a bit.

One of the nights that I came home later and Jason was home early (like 9ish, which actually isn’t that early) he had decided we were going to have a garbage burning date…Sounds romantic huh?  The best part was that he had cleaned most of the stuff out of the garage and such, so I didn’t have to do that part.  We burn our garbage out near a field path, so we headed out.  On our way back, I snapped this picture of him getting the fire started as I was still in scrubs and my work shoes…

It kind of makes me laugh that 10 years ago, this kind of date would have just made me mad.  I’m getting to the point though that I’m learning to enjoy the time with him that I can get!

I happened to look outside one night to see this–

They had gotten the combine out and were doing a bit of a test to see what they needed to review and fix on it.  Just when they parked it, the full moon started to rise.  I uploaded it with the caption–2 things that I greatly despise!  If you’ve ever worked in healthcare, you know exactly what kind of fun is brought on with a full moon and if you’re a farm wife you completely understand the combine part of things.

While it might seem like I complain about farming and such a lot, I really hope that you all know that I really love the life.  I love that Jason is so dedicated to the care of animals and the land.  I love that my children will be able to be raised in an environment that will expose them to hard work and dedication.  I love that they will also learn the cycle of life first hand.  Overall, the benefits are so much greater than the downsides….but at times, the downsides get a little overwhelming and I’m sure they will continue to do so.  But before I know it, I’m sure that Winter will and might bring a little more time home…which I definitely will keep in mind and look forward to.

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  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Living on the family farm with my husband and having him run the family farm implement business, I totally get this. In addition to getting the hay and wheat in the fields, he is dealing with his customers who have equipment failures and need a quick fix from April through September/October!! I found that waiting to have dinner with him, no matter how late, was our point of connection every day. Kids may eat earlier, but I want to eat with him. Of course, the pipes need to be moved every day as well, unless they are drying the field for the hay to be cut, dried and bailed (love that time!!).

  2. I understand how you are feeling. I love/hate fall too because of all the additional outside work that needs to be done before the snow flies. Next year you’ll also have to switch your child’s clothing to winter too. I think I found that job most daunting because the weather is so iffy from one day to the next until it’s really winter.

    We are partially retired from raising cattle so life is a little slower for us now. Enjoy the many great happenings on today’s farm-so different from our Grandparents farm life. There is so much to learn technically for a farmer who also has to take greater risks too.

  3. It’s refreshing to read something written by a young woman with her priorities in the right place. You’re doing great!

  4. Carolyn Sullivan

    Working as a nurse is hard. Working full time and part time is even harder w a baby. You might want to think about cutting back. I did for the first year or so. and picked up extra shifts as I felt able.
    Farming as with any skilled labor is hard. I appreciate all that they do. I know if your present grocery store system was not in place I would starve w my measly little garden.

  5. Hi Kelli, first off congrats on your pregnancy! Although my husband (also a Jason) isn’t a farmer he does do taxes for a living. So from late December to April 15th I become a single mom. At the beginning of each season it’s always a little hectic as I get all the schedules down but before long we’re in a routine. Then as the season winds down I have to prepare for upheaval as the routine goes right out the window because “Daddy’s home!” I know it seems overwhelming but you will figure it out and throw lots of grace around as you’ll both need it navigating this wonderful time…and when all else fails…call grandma

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