Fanny’s Sister?!?!

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A while back, when mom started picking up sewing machines at thrift stores, we decided that we were going to name them all.  Some were named after their previous owner like Betty or after someone they reminded us of like Mildred.  Being the boring person that I am, I decided that my Pfaff should be named Fanny…I know….not very original.

Even though I don’t really need another machine (I have two) I always kind of look around when I go to a thrift shop.  I figure that spending $25 or $30 on a whim will be beneficial when or if my other machines break (I know it isn’t probable….and if it happened, mom has a few I might be able to borrow) because if I couldn’t sew, therapy would cost much more than that.

The other day when I was at my favorite thrift shop, the Depot, I found this beauty!

Pfaff (300x400)
I thought that it was just a basic singer with no detailing from the backside and then I saw that it was a Pfaff.  I have never seen a Pfaff that resembled this at all!  It was a beauty.  I was just picking it up to put it in my cart because it was only $25, but then saw a tag attached to the cord saying that it needed to be rewired because it didn’t work as it was.  BUMMER!  I know nothing about rewiring a machine and was pretty sure that even if I had someone else do it, it would end up being a pretty spendy venture.  So I passed….

And then when I made up enough excuses in my head to buy it anyway a few days later and happened to stop by, it was gone…..but it was probably for the best!

I’ll keep my eyes open.  I’ll find one someday then I’ll have to debate on name for her…


3 thoughts on “Fanny’s Sister?!?!”

  1. Yes, rewiring a machine recently cost me over $125. It was from 1929 and had no reverse stitch at all. I hadn’t examined the machine closely enough before I took it in to the shop. I’ll never do that again!

  2. That was a really nice looking machine. One of my sewing pals recently found 2 Singer 301s in the same store. One was black and 1 was buff colored. She knew I wanted one and she had wanted a black one as she already had a buff one herself. She loves to take it along to her quilt retreats.

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