Fan Photos: Golden Sunset

I recently got a picture from Judy Bosten showing off her version of our Golden Sunset pattern.

Judy writes that she opted to not go with all the tiny triangles ….

Here’s what our original looks like.Many triangles….so many that Kelli was ready to kill me when I designed it.  She’s the one who sewed it.

We met Judy along with lots of other great gals when we went to Muscatine for a visit and class.  We had so much fun and had a great opportunity to meet Debbie who hosted us.  Here’s the recap of that visit.

It’s so fun to see how different color schemes and small changes in a design can change the look of a quilt.

Thanks so much for sharing your version with us Judy.

Quiltmaker still has copies of the magazine that includes this pattern, you can find them here.

3 thoughts on “Fan Photos: Golden Sunset”

  1. I like both versions, but I might follow Judy’s lead on those wee triangles. Just because it’s such a nice design I’d want to finish it and my patience level might be tried otherwise.

  2. Jo, I simply l-o-v-e your quilt pattern Golden Sunset! I immediately went to Quiltmaker and ordered the magazine issue.. I think this is one pattern that came out before I had subscribed to your blog. Simply spectacular! I can’t wait to see the directions and how many triangles it takes!

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