Family Weekend

We had a family weekend…..Kramer and I saw all of the kids except Karl but he’ll be home in two weeks.  Between having a dad home from the hospital and a new little nephew, they all came home.  It was so good to see them.

Here’s Kayla with Gannon.

It was good for us to see her.  In the midst of all of our stuff, Kayla’s been having her own stuff.  On the same day Kramer went in for his surgery, Kayla went in for surgery too.  She’s been having trouble with endometriosis.  It’s taken care of now.  What a relief for me to see her in person and know she’s okay.  It was tough being the mom and not being there for her.  She completely understood and Spencer, her husband, is really helpful.  Still a mother worries….

Hubby was feeling good on Saturday and I felt comfortable taking Kayla and heading out on thrift store/grocery run.

There is a thrift store that is a little further away.  It’s only open the first Saturday of the month.  We didn’t plan on going but then as we were driving I remembered and I said, “Hey, it’s the first Saturday of the month”.  We hesitated but both said “YES, let’s go”.

We both had awesome thrift store luck.  I hit the jackpot of DMC embroidery…10 skeins in a bag and 50 cents for the bag.

…it’s already sorted and put away!!  This should help stave my cross stitch kick.

I found this and couldn’t say no…..Buttons, buttons, and more buttons.  All of the buttons are tiny….
See how small…  1/4″.  PERFECT for doll clothes.  I’m THRILLED.  I don’t have one yet but if I get a granddaughter that loves dolls, I’m set to make doll clothes.  The entire bag was $4.  All of the buttons cards have small buttons.

I also bought shirts….I know, I know.  I’m not suppose to be buying shirts but the colors were excellent for the pastel baby quilt.  EXCELLENT….and then I found a few that were hard to find colors…orange, purple, yellow.  I couldn’t say no.  So more shirt deconstruction is in order.

Saturday night Kelli came too.  We were all sitting at the table.  Kayla was knitting.  Kelli and I were cross stitching.  Kalissa was nursing Gannon.  Carver wanted some attention so he took a menu pad that a blog reader sent for the childcare kiddos and was “taking our order”.  He’s say, “Na-ma, want?”  I said, “French fries.”  Then I’d tell him to write a “J” for Jo and and a “F” for French fries.  He would get busy and try to write them.  Then he’d go to Kayla and say, “Ka-da, want?”  It was so cute.  It kept him busy for a long time.

Buck was home but him and Kelli both snuck by without me getting a picture of either one of them.

Sunday was the annual Firemen’s Breakfast was this weekend.  Kramer and I gave up our spot as ticket takers.  We tried to decide how long we’ve done it and are pretty sure it’s close to 15 or more years.  Kramer wasn’t up to it and I thought it would be better for a husband/wife to do it.  I went and helped them set up and explained our system but that was about it.  Kramer and our kids came to the breakfast.  I helped Kalissa get the boys there and we all ate together.

Here’s their family picture for the day.

Volunteering is an important part of their family.  Kalissa wanted to note the day with a picture.

Sunday was a good day with the kids, visitors and at the breakfast.  Kramer spent Sunday evening back in his chair.  Sunday was a big day for him.

A big shout goes to Buck and Kayla both for helping out on some of the chores around here.  Buck got the new toilet in the basement…Yahoo!!

It was a great weekend of family, friends, extended family, and even thrifting…

9 thoughts on “Family Weekend”

  1. Glad you got to spend time with family! Your thrift store finds were amazing! You can’t pass up those shirts if they are unusual colors! Love the bottom picture! Carver is a ham! So glad hubby is feeling better!

  2. This is a very uplifting post, thanks! It was nice to hear how everyone is doing. I loved the photo taken at the benefit. Carver’s shirt is adorable! We have a soft spot around here for firemen. My husband’s cousin Robert was one of the Houston firefighters lost in the big fire a while back. Can’t pass a fireman without saying thanks. I like that sheep virtue set so much that I looked it up with the idea of getting it. I can see why you said you broke the bank lol. Still, I can see it in my future. Blessings to you all.

  3. Score on the floss! I am always a bit envious of your thrift store finds–no luck on craft supplies for me, EVER! And honestly, until I process some shirts (bags from Connie’s garage sale still sitting–got through one), I haven’t been going in to avoid shirt temptation. :) Plus, mine are all a couple hour drive away. So glad kids got home and that Karl will be home in a couple weeks. Hope that time passes quickly and he has travel mercies.

  4. Hi Jo!
    Oh, so good to see Kramer is feeling better! Family time together is just the best thing there is. Glad you had such a good weekend!

  5. Jo,
    So happy you were able to get some “you” time to thrift and shop. Looks and sounds like family time was a win all around for everyone. Glad you and the Mr. made it out for breakfast and were able to visit. It’s good to be doing “normal”.
    Take care!

  6. I love family get togethers – no matter if a weekend or just one one day. Full of love, silliness, old stories, and laughter. I know it’s been a good get together when my two girls sit and laugh so hard that they start crying and my son, who normally smiles but rarely laughs, sits and laughs too.
    A true blessing to have a get together, isn’t it?

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