Family Weekend

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I told you about the craziness of getting the swing set this weekend.  What I didn’t share were pictures of the day.  This blog post is mostly just a photobomb of our Saturday and a little bit of Sunday. You’re going to get to see lots of baby holding.
Carver is holding and awake Eli…Kayla and Jasper are holding Emmett.

At first, Jasper didn’t think too much of the babies…

But then he thought they were pretty cool after he warmed up to them.  See?

I LOVE this picture of the boys.  I think in the future these three will have lots of fun together.

Lucy was all about the babies.  Here she is loving on Emmett.  For those of you keeping track, Lucy is Buck’s middle child.

Auntie Kayla was a helper so she could hold him.

Kelli hadn’t gotten a picture of herself with Georgia and the boys so we snapped a couple of them.

I couldn’t decided which one to show you…so am showing several.

Here Georgia is saying “CHEESE”.

Here she is doing her goofy cross-eyed thing that she does.

I think this one is my favorite.  Georgia loves Kelli so much and you can see it in her eyes.

On Sunday things calmed down a bit.  For a bit, it was only Buck’s kids and later Carver and Gannon came.

Here is Lilly.  She has the most beautiful blue eyes.  Blue eyes come from Kramer.  All of my kids have them.  Kayla I think is a little more like me and her eyes fluctuate blue/green.

Lilly is just over a year and she does pretty well keeping her own in the crowd of kids that is here.

Lucy seen in the photo below is a hoot.  Hands down we all agreed that she was the most well-behaved.  Jasper and Lilly were both in the running for second place…as were Emmett and Eli.

This guy, Scotty, is the oldest of Buck’s kids.

When we add Scotty plus Carver, that’s what makes for the wildness that ends up happening.  Buck and Kalissa are always trying to calm them down and granted, occasionally I do too, but I love seeing them be themselves.  We do kick those two outside A LOT!!  It’s going to be great once the swing set is up.  They will really have some fun!  Then we don’t have to worry how loud they are!

Lucy just cracks all of us up.  I was making a cake and she wanted to help.  She was asking me what the ingredients were.  She is really into “love”.  So she asked what I was making…I said, “cake”.  She said, “I love cake, so much.”  We started putting in the ingredients.  She ask, “what’s that?”  I said baking soda.  She said, “I love baking soda.”  She has a bit of drawl with an accent.  Kalissa and I just cracked up.

It always amazes me that she is the baby that only liked mom and dad and was so fussy.  Lucy was what is known as a Purple Crying baby.  It is extreme colic with excessive crying…not just a little fussy.  I don’t know how Buck and Lora managed it.

To see her today, you would have no idea at all.  She is the sweetest girl with the most pleasant attitude and VERY loving.  If any of you are dealing with a Purple Crying baby, know it will get better.

Remember how I said Lucy just loves everything…here she was loving on her sister who she calls “Baby”.

I did get my grandma picture.  Oh, my word!!  It was a feat.  This was about the best picture we could get.

They are left to right…
Kelli’s Georgia, Kalissa’s Gannon, Buck’s Lucy, ME holding Kayla’s Jasper and Kelli’s Eli, Kalissa’s Carver with Kelli’s Emmett, at the end Buck’s Scotty holding Lilly.

It was terribly wild…

Rosie was not very happy that the attention wasn’t on her!!  HA!!

Like I said…a WILD Saturday but, so-so fun.  This was the life I longed for.  Some people say they are living the dream when they are off on tropical vacations.  No me.  I am living my dream every day with this pastel full of kids and grandkids.  I truly feel so blessed.

15 thoughts on “Family Weekend”

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    Jo, you are very blessed!! God takes care of all of you so well. You can tell all of the little ones are related…they all look ‘alike’!

    They will have so much fun on the new swing set. It will come together just the way it is supposed to.

    Thanks for sharing all of the pictures, I can see why you love them all.

  2. What great pictures of a great bunch of kiddos. They are all so precious looking and I’m sure they are. I loved the pictures of Lucy and Lilly. There will be no end to the love the twins will receive from their cousins, along with everybody else. Yes, I would definitely say you are blessed and the liveliness of having them all together is worth it and will pass all too quickly.

  3. I had a Purple Crying baby – colic. Colicky babies end up being the happiest, most laid back children!

  4. That is such a passel of children! All 9, all together on your couch with YOU!! Congratulations! That photo session was quite an accomplishment. Good luck on the new swingset. It will be fun to see how you decide to put it together.

  5. Carmen Montmarquet

    What a beautiful family Jo, you should be very proud of all of them!!! Can’t wait to see that humongous swing set put together, how fun that will be for the kiddos!

  6. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    This post was so much fun; what great family pictures. The pics of you with all nine grandbabies were extra special. Thanks for sharing.

  7. When I read your posts about family and all the love, I have hope for the future of the world. God bless!

    1. Kristie Partain

      Perfect way to say it. There is so much sadness and troubles in the news. So when I see families like this, I know the world is good. Thanks

  8. What a fantastic weekend, having all your grandchildren together :) This is what life is all about; family, love, being together, making memories x

  9. What a wonderful full household of kids and grandkids. Great picture of you Jo with all those grandbabies.

  10. Lori L Douglas

    My how your family has grown! So cute and wiggles galore, the picture is a keeper! Blessed Gramdma indeed.

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