Family Wedding

I told you all last week that we had a family wedding over the weekend.

I should probably explain what I mean as none of our, what you would classify as regular family, got married.  Our family is close friends with another family and their daughter got married.  They had six kids in their family.  Kramer and I had five.  We had three sets of kids in the same grades at school so we attended a lot of the same events.  Kramer and our boys went deer hunting with their family.  The kids all feel more like cousins rather than friends.

That means the whole Kramer crew (minus a couple) went to the wedding and we all had so much fun.  I’m going to photobomb you a bunch of pictures.  Jason, Kelli’s husband, and Craig, Kalissa’s husband, were both in the field harvesting so they came late…and they aren’t much for dancing.  For much of the day, it was five adults and eight kids.  It was crazy but much fun.

I have to warn you that we are a crazy bunch and just love dancing and playing with the kids.  Gannon wanted to be held most of the time when we were dancing.  He loved it but is really shy.  That’s Kelli holding him.  Kalissa and I were dancing with the twins.  I have Eli and she has Emmett.

Another of the same group of us…

I love that we all just pitch in a help a kid in need.  It doesn’t matter if it isn’t their kid.  Here is Georgie, Kelli’s girl, with Buck.

This is…Kalissa with Lucy, Buck’s girl, and Gannon, her son.

Here is Emmett on the left and Eli on the right.  They were so good the whole day.  Happily they slept when the meal was being served.

Kayla came without Jasper and Spencer.  Jasper is still supposed to be careful to not catch a cold being he easily gets viral-induced pneumonia from catching a cold.  It was great to have her even though we missed Jasper and Spencer.  She got in a lot of niece and nephew time.  Here she is with Lucy.

Here is Buck and his kiddos…Scott, Lilly, and Lucy.

Now here’s are some videos.  Seriously, we had so much fun.  The kids make it all fun.  Just push the play button to watch.

Another fun thing about the whole night…Some of the nieces and nephews of the bride are also my childcare kiddos.  I just love our relationship.  Here I am with one of the little guys.  I honestly can never have too many kids in my life!!

In this last video, we all did up for Kramer, my husband who passed away.  He was a real Meatloaf fan so when Paradise by the Dashboard Lights came on…we all hit the dance floor.

Although we all had a beer or two in us…we all would be just like this completely sober.  I think we are a little frightening to the in-laws.  HA!

One of my biggest joys in life is that my kids are doing so well at getting along.  Sure they have tifts now and then.  We can roll our eyes occasionally over one of the other ones, but the kids truly unconditionally love each other.  What more could a mom want?  Plus, we are a pretty fun and wild group.  As long as I live the thing that will forever give me the most joy is my family.  They are a really fun bunch to hang around with.

For the record…Front left to right, Kayla, Kelli, Kalissa. Back Karl and Buck.

I ended up home at about 8:30 pm.  The grandkids were about partied out.  I took five of them for an overnight with me.  The adult kids stayed out and hung out with our family friends.  I have no idea what time they all crashed.

The Kramer’s all had a great night…Many happy years to the Hemseth family!! I hope we can do this all again at the 25th wedding anniversary party.  Oh my, that would put me at 80 years old.  Maybe we should do it all sooner!!

10 thoughts on “Family Wedding”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    What a good time had by all. In the picture of your children I thought Kelly was you. Good friends fellowship and fun.

  2. True. Nothing brings me more joy than to have my kids together and happy. Nothing makes me sadder than to see them in a tiff. Family needs to be a safe haven, don’t ya think? We all need one in today’s world.

  3. Fabulous photo of your 5 together. Thanks for sharing all the fun. Family is special and friends are very important.

  4. Weddings are truly a happy event, so glad you could all go and celebrate it. The big kids and little kids are having a grand time, Yea!

  5. Hope you’ll be looking for a frame when you go thrifting again, because that picture of the “5” needs to be framed.

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