Family Update for Saturday…

We got snow Thursday night into Friday.  Previously our grass was showing.  We got over 3″ I’d guess.

I still had my grandson Carver here.  If you remember, Carver’s brother Gannon is still in the hospital so I’m on Grandma duty.  At first, school was going to be two hours late.  Carver and I started scrambling because he didn’t bring his snow boots and accidentally grabbed Gannon’s snow pants.  We ended up needing to drive to Kalissa to get them.

We got what we needed.  Then as we were driving back home we got a notification that school was closed for the day.

Before long Uncle Karl came and we decided to have a game day morning…but first, we needed the snow removed.  Carver tried to get out of it but then I reminded him that he’s a Kramer, even if only 1/2 Kramer, as we Kramers always do our work before we play.  He smirked and then followed Uncle Karl outside.

Karl grabbed the snowblower, did my sidewalks, and then did his house while Carver started working on my back patio area.

I went out after a bit and started helping him…then …Uncle Karl came to the rescue and kicked me out.  Yes, he was outside with no coat!!

Then it was game time.  We taught Carver how to play the Rails and Sails edition of Ticket to Ride.  Uncle Karl won.

We ate lunch and then Karl went home.  Carver went in to watch television.  I sat down to write blog posts.

It was quiet in the other room so I went to check on Carver.  He was sleeping.  We’ve been trying to do all we can to keep him busy and not focused on his mom and dad being gone, but I think it’s starting to take a toll on him.  Routines are the same.  He wakes up at 6 am here.  I think the guy is tired of it.

He’s doing well but if he feels at all like the rest of us, this is getting old.  We want Gannon home and life back to normal.  He has fun plans including a sleepover with his best buddy and then sledding tomorrow.  It sounds so fun.  Hopefully, that will keep him distracted.

I spent the afternoon checking out applications for HEART Animal Rescue.  I was given a stack of applications to call and check references for.  I offered to help being I didn’t get more puppies on Wednesday as I was originally supposed to.  Everyone has been so good and told me I didn’t need to do any volunteer work or even keep BeeBee but I want to keep doing something.  It keeps me distracted and my mind off Gannon.

I don’t make any choices on who gets what dog and I don’t ever want to be responsible for that…but I can call the references.

BeeBee is still here and I love BeeBee more than ever since CeeCee is gone.  Without CeeCee here, BeeBee lost a lot of her naughty puppy antics.  She hangs out a lot with Izzy.  Here you can see them sleeping together.

It’s so much easier to train a puppy one-on-one so BeeBee is learning to sit and does great with being kenneled.  She’s a smart puppy…and no, I’m not going to keep her.  I feel like I am doing a better job fostering with one at a time because I can do more training…but as always, I’ll do what the rescue needs me to do at the time.  If that means fostering one or three at a time, I’ll do what’s needed.

BeeBee is doing a great job distracting me from Gannon and I so appreciate that.

Those of you wondering how I’m doing…I still have my cold.  I did a COVID test yesterday and it was negative.  I’m starting to feel a little better so I am hopeful I am on the downhill swing.  I don’t feel like I’m swallowing glass shards as I previously did!!  I’m taking that as a win!

I’ll close with what I know about Gannon…

There is some news.  They did a scope to see if there was something physically wrong with Gannon’s throat that was making him unable to swallow.  Kalissa really pushed for them to do this. Gannon really does put things in his mouth and he really does try.  We don’t know if it’s pain, fear or if something is physically wrong that’s making him not swallow.  By having the scope done, at least we can eliminate something…and honestly, the doctors are starting to wonder what is going on as well.  I’m going to send you to Kalissa’s blog and let her tell you all about that.  You can find her blog HERE.

Many thanks to everyone who has sent a prayer, thought, card, check, or anything our way.  It is so appreciated.  If you want to send a card or do anything along those lines, I told everyone how they could do that in yesterday’s blog post which you can find HERE.  MANY-MANY THANKS.

9 thoughts on “Family Update for Saturday…”

  1. Lot os snow there! We also got some but not until Friday afternoon. Hubby didn’t even get snowblower out since we weren’t going anywhere, he just cleaned off spot for dog to his duties. Still praying for little Gannon. I can’t even imagine what he and Craig and Kalissa are going through. Glad you are getting better and so great that Karl is nearby and helps and plays with Carver.

  2. Praying for Gannon that he can start swallowing soon. So scary. I was able to finally watch your live Q&A video today. Really enjoyed it. Hope you do some more and I can watch in real time. Watched a couple of your other you tube videos while I was sewing. Had an enjoyable afternoon with you!!

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Hang in there, Grandma!! Looks like you and Carver need prayers too. Life is topsy-turvy for you all right now!!

  4. We hear that Gannon is home and bet that you are glad.

    I don’t get your email anymore since you went to a new program. I used to get your blogs all the time and I did sign up but I haven’t seen your blogs.

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