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I had a different post scheduled but decided to take that one out and give you an update on the family…

After my post about Eli being in the hospital, I had several people message me today wondering how Eli was.  He was in two days…

The main focus was…
to try to get him past the point of being so lathargic.  He got LOTS of fluids and that helped perk him up.

He ended up having an ear infection on top of everything.  So they treated him for that while he was there too.  Poor guy.

Kelli left the hospital and was home with Eli by about noon today.

Kelli was so bummed because although he was feeling well enough to not be in the hospital, he was not too good at being home and being him normal self…so he’s getting lots more snuggles and still napping way more than normal.

At least he looks perky here.

One of their regular babysitters had Georgie and Emmett, Kelli and Jason’s other two kids.

They ended up coming home later in the afternoon…only for Kelli to find out that now Emmett only drank one bottle all day, ate food and threw that all up.  Oh my word!!  Fingers crossed and many prayers that now Emmett doesn’t end up troubles.

Georgie was all of herself…which can be a bit of challenge…so, Kelli was trying to wrangle them all.  Kelli was so happy to have her little brood all together.

Gannon ended up coming to my house in the morning.  As of today I am free to be around kids…espcecially kids as old as Gannon.  He’s not one to sit on my lap or hang all over me.  An infant, I’m still not going to hold for a few days…I’d prefer to be over careful.

Here Gannon is showing off his Jolly Ranchers.

He adores Jolly Ranchers.  I don’t like giving them to him as they are a choking hazard but Kalissa gives them to him…so I cave in.  We were told early on after all of Gannon’s GI medical problems we might have a problem with potty training.  For awhile we were worried that doctors might be right but slowly, things are clicking.

The Jolly Ranchers were a treat for him because he was successful!!

He was only here for a few hours.  I wanted to break myself in slowly to having kids here again…

It went good.  I was pretty tired by the time he left but that gave me an excuse to sit on the couch and cross stitch.

I ended up making some soup for supper.  Food is so hard for me currently.  I keep trying to find words that explain how things taste to me.  I think I would say it feels like this…

I badly burned my tongue
I’m drinking fowl tasting city water that has a stale flat diet 7up taste after I swallow.

No matter what I eat, I can’t taste it right.  It’s so weird.  I was telling the kids that I’d love it if they would give me a blind taste test to see if I could actually identify what I was eating.

I had been so impressed with myself because after doing the diet, I didn’t lose 7 pounds.  Every other time I’ve done the diet, I’ve lost 7 pounds.  Well…I’ve lost seven pounds since the diet.  Everything tastes so terrible I don’t eat nearly as much.  I can’t taste things so I don’t cook.  I eat a sandwich or bowl of oatmeal as nothing taste right anyway so why put the time into cooking.  No worries…I do eat…just not at the quantity or the higher calorie that I previously ate.

I did make a batch of soup though…It’s loaded baked potato soup.  I’d love to tell you it’s wonderfully delicisous….but again, I can’t taste it.

Kalissa had some for lunch and liked it.  You can find the recipe HERE.  Try it and let me know if it’s good.

What’s on tap tonight for me??  I’m watching 20/20 Gone at Dawn on ABC.  You might remember me telling you I was listening to a podcast about Jodi Huisentruit.  She was a morning news achor that went missing in Mason City, IA, just an hour or so away from where I live, in the mid 90s.  I remember watching the news that morning and feeling terrible that she was gone.  Over the years I have followed that case, listening to specials and the podcast.  I’ll be listening tonight.  It will later be on Hulu.  It’s so sad that they can’t figure out what happened to her.

I’ll be cross stitching with Rosie too.

15 thoughts on “Family Update”

  1. Poor Kelli, she sure has her hands full this past week. I hope her kids are all feeling better soon so she can get a full night’s sleep. How nice that Gannon could come and play at your house for a few hours, he has such a sweet smile. I will give that soup recipe a try, since cold weather is coming, thanks for sharing.

  2. Poor little Eli. I hope he gets to feeling better.
    Hope Emmett doesn’t get the “bug” too.
    Have fun tonight cross stitching.

  3. I’m too far away but I’d love to come rock Eli and give Kelli a hand so she could get a nap or do some catch up chores. God speed recovery to your little family.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Seems like winter always brings on these sort of “bugs” for young kids. Hopefully all will ease out soon for everyone! Hang in there.

  5. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Oh Jo, I have no words for all you and your loving family are dealing with now, so I’m holding you all in my hearts and prayers.

  6. Little Eli’s eyes still reflect that he is not up to par. This has a big hold on him right now, but hopefully he will improve quickly. Just hope Emmett isn’t the same way; they infect each other – I call little ones germ factories.
    So sorry you can’t taste food but that will get better as time goes on. Have a good restful weekend

  7. Poor little one. You can see in his eyes he doesn’t feel good. My son was so very sick the first three yrs of his life- allergies of all kinds and no antibodies to fight infections. It’s rough on a mom to see her little ones sick and grandma too. God Bless all of you with His healing touch. May good things start happening for you and your family.

  8. My sister (different cancer, but some sort of radiation treatment) had so many of the symptoms you’ve mentioned. She’s still dealing with 3 places where her skin had split. She actually gave me some details. Like the treatment had the desired goal. Not sure what that was. As for the side effects, her mouth healed and she regained her appetite and her sense of taste. She also told me she would think long and hard if they ever suggested she do it again. You just keep yourself nourished. You know your body needs good fuel to heal. Glad Kelli has her family together. I’m sure that was super hard on all involved. Prayers

    1. I often remind my kids that treating or not treating is totally my decision. I told them I will try most any treatment if it’s thought to be good for me but if the side effects are terrible, I reserve the right to quit.

  9. Thank goodness Eli is back home; I hope Emmett doesn’t go the same route. Poor Kelli! Hope your taste comes back soon Jo.

  10. I just feel terrible for the little ones when they don’t feel well. Hope Kelli get s her rest, too. I hope your loss of taste will return soon. That has to be very annoying. Hugs to you and the family!

  11. I am currently on a different oral chemo for metastatic breast cancer. I was also having problems eating. When I told my onc that everything tasted bad (as in worse that usual), he gave me an anti fungal that really helped. He said he had some cancer patients that take it every day, but most take it for a week, and things improve. I was back to normal in 2 weeks. Normal doesn’t mean food tastes the way it used to. It means that things still taste off, but not as bad. I have been on 3 different oral chemos, and all of them affect taste. The good news is I lost 35 lb w/o trying. Best of luck to you!

    1. Many thoughts and prayers for you Laura. I hope this oral chemo is just the ticket to kick your cancer to the curb. Thanks for the tip on the anti fungal. If it’s not better soon I’m going to suggest that to my doctor.

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