Family Tradition

The first Sunday in November…it’s a family tradition day.

It starts out with a visit to the Waucoma Craft show.  This year I was really happy to find they had a LuLaRoe consultant there.  I know what size I wear in leggings but didn’t know what size I wear in shirts.  I tried a few on and feel better about sizing should I decide to order something….and confession time…. I did buy a pair of leggings.

This is what I came for though….kolaches.  They are popular in our area.  They are a fruit filled roll.  There are many Czech people living in our area and they are a Czech tradition.  I love them….

Hubby loves them too.

I ended up delivering some of the kolaches to him in the field.  The days of being a “farm widow” are getting long…really long.  I miss having him around here.  I miss him so much.  Typically he isn’t home until 9:30 at night and then he showers and is off to bed.  He leaves again at about 5am.  I really only visit with him for 20 minutes or so.  It gets so old being “single”.  I shouldn’t complain as I know others of you are “single” too…

I did convince him to let me take a picture of him standing by the combine.  He’s awful about pictures but this time said yes.  It still amazes me how big combines are…see?Roger

I did talk to Hubby a bit when I dropped the kolaches off.  Word is that about three more days and the combining will be finished.  I know better than to get excited though.  It’s just the first step to the end of harvest.  There are still round bales to make…manure to hall…land to till among all the other stuff.  I’ll take one step closer though.

The rest of the day’s traditions continue.  It’s the night of the school Music Booster’s dinner….wonderful fried chicken.  Happily it’s Sunday night and they often quit just a little earlier on Sunday nights.  In fact, he made it home by 7:30pm.  That was the best treat of the whole day!


6 thoughts on “Family Tradition”

  1. Great photo ! If you really want to shock people you should share the COST of the combine !!! I grew up on a farm, and loved riding on the combine as a kid. I could drive the tractor, but never the combine – too important to stay right in line with the corn row…

    Good job, Hubby !!

  2. My husband and I farmed together. He has his combine and yes I had mine. I also had my own tractors. I loved it. My parents where also farmers. My husband and I farmed rice. Quilted when I could. Nothing better than raising your family on a farm. Husband had to retire because of health reasons. I work outside the home a little. But the rest of the time I am quilting.

  3. I live in Texas. Lots of kolaches here too. My two favorites are poppy seed kolaches and cream cheese kolaches. We also live out in the country. We don’t farm, but there is farmland all around the house, planted in corn some years and co some years cotton in other years.

  4. I’m a “city slicker” married to a former farm boy. What amazes me more than the size and cost of the combines is the actual “process” that the machine does. I mean cutting the corn and taking the kernels off the cob, etc. It blows my mind when I think about someone inventing a machine like that. (BTW sewing machines and how they work amaze me too. I mean I use one but I don’t really know how it works, just that it does:))

  5. I grew up on a farm in ND and my husband and I farmed for the first 5 years of our marriage. Moved to WA, but still love the country life. Enjoy hearing about what is happening on the farm. Always brings back lots of memories. One year I actually drove one of those green machines for the wheat harvest. Can’t believe I had the courage to do that!! Trying to decide on colors for the mystery quilt. Might do blues instead of the purples.

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