Family This and That….

What a whirl it’s been…I had doctor appointment last week and this week.  Karl came home Saturday.  Kelli was home over the weekend.  Kalissa, Craig and Carver were home over the weekend too.

Getting back to cooking for more was a bit of a challenge but I’ve been doing okay.  Kalissa helped with the cooking which was awesome.

We’ve been busy doing some of our favorite family things….  Playing cards.  Karl and Craig both love playing cards…Hubby and I do too.  When Kelli was here she took my spot.

Our game of choice is 500.

Kalissa is not a card player.  I’m trying to teach Carver early on.
But first he needs to know his numbers.  So far he can recognize 2’s and 3’s and hearts.  We’ll keep working on him.
On Sunday night I was on a roll with great cards…See?

Well it’s great cards if you’re playing what we call Nula….that means I am not suppose to take any tricks.  I know others call it different names.

I won the bid so I got the kitty.  This was my hand then.  It’s a perfect hand.  There was honestly not a way for them to stop me.  Yahoo!!
Hubby and I were partners and won the game.  We tried to finish another game but the time got late and we all needed some sleep.

We baked cookies…we wrapped presents.  We sorted fabric.

It was a good weekend all in all except for hearing the news about my niece Jody.  If you’re a long time blog reader you know that Jody and I are 4 years apart and grew up more like sisters than aunt and niece.  Jody has fought two rounds of breast cancer and did great.  We jokingly say we take turns at having cancer.  She had breast cancer.  I had thyroid cancer.  She had breast cancer again.  I have an issue again.  This time she didn’t wait for her turn and jumped in.  Looks like we’ll be fighting at the same time.  Her breast cancer has moved to her liver.

It was a very hard for me to hear.  Somehow my stuff doesn’t bother me nearly as bad as her stuff does.  I hate knowing she’s hurting especially when I know there’s not much I can do to help.  I hadn’t cried a tear over myself…but I sure did cry for her.

I’m so happy I had family around this weekend to distract with all sorts of other things that I enjoy to keep the cancer thoughts for us both at bay.

My doctor appointment is this morning…hopefully we’ll hear some test results.  Jody’s biopsy is Wednesday.  (Jody blogs about her journey on here blog.  Find it here.)

I’ll try to pop on the computer tonight and let you know what we found out.

10 thoughts on “Family This and That….”

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Jodi but my prayers are with her. My fingers are crossed too for you and your awaited results. There is so much of this dreadful disease in the world it is so sad that a successful remedy hasn’t been found. My prayers are with you and your family too.

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Cancer sucks and nearly every family is affected in some way. My BC results came back with the best results I could have hoped for. Thankfully. You have lots of people praying for you and Jody.

  3. Thoughts and prayers going out to Jody and family.I cry every time I think of her and her young family. I am keeping you, your doctors and their results in my thoughts and prayers too.
    Its good to see Karl in your pictures, he’s looking good. And Carver is “tute” in his Big boy underwear! Hope that potting training is getting easier.

  4. Prayers for Jody. I am a breast cancer survivor too. You are so cute or “tute” in those card playing pictures! Best wishes for a good report for you too.

  5. I don’t want to say the same old things, Jo. I will only repeat that I pray for you, and you, Carol, when you cross my mind. Now I will think of Jody as well.

  6. Hi Jo,
    I’m not going to say all the same things either. Even though we’ve never met, I’m sending you and Jody both a GIANT Hug, and will be keeping you both in my prayers. Wishing you the best, always. That was one awesome hand full of cards! Every time my son and his wife are home from Aussie land we play cards at night. The tallies are hilarious – I’ve gotten skunked so many times, but we sure do have fun! Good luck today!!

  7. I’m so sorry to read about you cousin and her struggle, and I wish you good news on your own appointment. My family grew up playing 500 hundred and that is an awesome hand! lucky you.

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Thank you or mentioning Jody and her blog. I became a new follower of her blog and will hold you both up in prayer.

  9. Remember me….the Spring Valley, MN gal? Well, I grew up on the card game 500! I know how to play a nula hand. So fun to reminisce through your blog.

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