Family…the best kind

I am so blessed to have family that I love and family that loves me back.  That’s how I feel about the bunch that visited me yesterday.  My sister in law Wendy, along with her daughter Jessie and Jessie’s kiddos came for a visit.

Jessie’s daughter Julia is just a hoot.  She’s all of four is can sweet talk us into doing most anything.  We have a game called Head Banz.  She had us wearing crowns and guessing what was on our head.  It’s a really cute game.


Here’s her big brother Gavin playing along too.


She even got Puppycat to play.  She’s just the cutest girl.  She is one of the flower girls for Kelli’s wedding and as happy as I am to see Kelli walk down the aisle, I’m just as happy to see Julia and her cousins walk down the aisle too.


Julia is so convincing, or is it spoiled, that she even got Hubby to play….  Honestly, that’s more amazing than Puppycat playing.


Julia didn’t leave Ruby out…she got brushed.


They brought the new baby with too.  Dare I hope that Kelli catches baby fever???

It did take a little convincing when it was time to go that no…Julia couldn’t take a kitty or steer home with her.  I had so much fun.  Family days are the best days.

I am so blessed to have family that comes to visit me for no reason…just because they love me…and boy oh boy do I ever think the world of them!!

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  1. We had the best time Jo Thank you so much for having us. I love visiting and seeing all your projects and I have to say I know your mom is watching all you do and is proud. I know we are!

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