Family Picnic

Sunday a few of my kiddos and I made our annual trek to Pilot Know State Park near Forest City, Iowa.  It’s something we do every year and have done for many years.  So many years that I can’t remember ever not having it there.

It started so long ago.  My grandpa and his brother came to the US from Sweden in the early 1900’s.  Two gals who happened to be sister from their area in Sweden came later, met up with the guys and ended up marrying.  So the Olson sisters married the Johnson brothers.  One set settled near Pocahontas, Iowa the other near New Richland, Minnesota.  For years the families would get together at a half way point and that happens to be Forest City, Iowa.

My Aunt Agnes in front in a purple shirt is our oldest family member at 96 years old.  The rest of us in the picture are the grandchildren of those original families.

My dad had the most children of the cousins and it seems we all have bigger families too so our family always has the most in attendance.  My parents had 5 children.  They now have 46 great grandchildren and one on the way (there are seven grandchildren that don’t have any kids so that number is bound to grow).  I just love seeing all the cousins.

Some of the gals were busy making bracelets.  It was so fun to see them playing together.


This little guy my great nephew was the youngest in attendance.

We were missing lots of cousins this year but those of us who did go had a great time.  My brother Jule’s family always comes and typically my family comes.  All their life growing up my kids didn’t have close cousins as we lived farther away.  Now with social media and times we get together, I think the cousins are getting closer.  I am so glad for that.

As we were leaving we made plans to get together again in a few weeks but once I got home I realized we have a wedding that weekend.  UGH….  I am delaying it and refuse to cancel though.  Staying close to family is important to me.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures, Looks like a fun day–sorry we missed it. FYI Ruth/Lu had 6 kids; now have 13 grands; and 28 great grands.

  2. I found this interesting as my maiden name was Johnson. Were you a Johnson or an Olson? I was born and raised in MN, but married a Dutchman from Iowa so have lived here for 46 years.

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