Family Photo Dump

I keep telling you it’s been so busy around here.  It really has.  Some things I’m directly involved in…others just taking in.  Regardless, it’s been keeping me hopping.  Here is a photo dump of a few of the things that have been happening.

I have a crew home last weekend and another crew home this weekend.

Here Georgie, Jasper, and I were making food.  Auntie Kayla wanted Fried Bread Dough.  So we made extra dough and ended up making Cinnamon Rolls and Pepperoni Buns too.

Here she’s rolling dough for Cinnamon Rolls.

What a cutie.

Jasper was in charge of… spreading the butter.

Jasper had enough of baking so went off and played.  Georgie stayed and helped me make the pepperoni buns.

All of the girl cousins get their hair braided whenever Kayla and Kalissa are around.  Both only have boys and both are master hair braiders.  Here Kayla is doing a “horsey” hairdo for Georgie.

Her pony ended up being in the middle top of her head and Georgie loved it.

Here are the Fried Bread doughs.  If you haven’t had them, you just take bread dough and fry it.  Then roll it in cinnamon and sugar.  Fried Bread Dough is our family thing that everyone loves.

Here are the Cinnamon Rolls.  Another family thing that everyone loves.  We all agreed this was the best batch ever.

Here is a picture Buck sent in the Messenger group of Scotty.  It’s been too long since I’ve seen him.  They are coming this weekend so I can get a good dose.

Kayla sent this picture of Jasper shopping at the nursery.  HA.

Jasper has taken on watering duties.

Eli and Emmett upgraded from baby car seats…

to big boy car seats.  This has been a big adjustment as they aren’t contained all the time anymore and need to sit in a shopping cart.

I spent the day at Kelli’s house one day.  We did a bunch of cleaning and reorganizing.  Georgie was so happy to get a table that was tall enough that the boys can’t get into what she is playing.

Lucy, Buck and Lora’s daughter, got her LONG hair cut.  She donated her hair.  How sweet.  I’m so proud of her.

She inherited great hair that grows long from Lora.

Here she is with her hair up in a little bun.  So cute!!

She had a dance recital.  I didn’t know about it so missed it.  Hopefully next time I’ll try to make it.

Carver and Gannon’s time is completely taken up by Carver playing baseball.  Gannon was so excited when we traveled to the neighboring town for a game and they had ring pops in the concession stand.

Carver’s big treat after a game is to get a slice of pizza.

Here is Karl and Eli after Eli had a bath.

What a silly pair!

I have a couple of videos from Buck that he shared on TikTok.  Buck is all boy and didn’t edit his language for ladies and grandmas.  It’s not terrible but if you listen, be forwarned.  The videos are pretty funny though so I made the decision to add them to the blog post anyway.  I think his good samaritan skills outweigh the language…so take a look at the videos if you are inclined.  Just push play.

Here is a picture I snapped of Rosie.  Do you remember how I told you she will jump up into this chair and look out the window?  Well, she ended up turning around, positioning herself like this and fell asleep.  She was even snoring.

What a dog!!  What a family.  I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into the everyday life around here.  I’m so honored to be the mom of the bunch and be able to chase after them all.

Before I go…one more thing…
Here is a note from Kalissa:
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10 thoughts on “Family Photo Dump”

  1. Loved the TikTok videos, too funny! I used to live in south Texas and right after moving there I had to bring my cat to the vet. I open the door to the waiting room and there was a sheep on a leash right there! I love how life is so different depending on the state you live in!

  2. I love the TikTok videos. How nice of Buck to get the animals back where they belong. He’s learned kindness from his mother.

  3. Hey Buck! I believe that is one pregnant ASS. She is really wholly for this t8me of year. Also Grandma Jo that Georgia looks like one of her twin brother’s twin!! Jasper could make them triplets. Or quads!!

  4. Always fun to see pictures of all the kiddos. Georgie really likes helping in the kitchen. Such good times, but busy times, and then before you know it’s passed. Keep enjoying them all. I enjoyed Buck’s TikTok videos in spite of the language.

  5. I was laughing so hard at Buck’s adventure! And it’s the middle of the night here- can’t sleep! Just reminded me of so many times in the past when we were out rounding up our livestock or our neighbors’. Oh my….Good memories.

  6. The Buck videos were hilarious, goats and asses, what’s not to like, lol! The grandchildren sure are growing up and it was sweet to see them helping out and having fun. Poor Rosie must have been pooped out to fall asleep like that, oh my. Thanks for the heads up and the T shirt sale, got my order in and I’m super happy. I already have 2 shirts and love them both, the fabric is so soft.

  7. Kathy Fransham

    I loved this post. The grandkids are all getting so big! Good thing there’s a new baby on the way.
    And Karl’s videos were great! What a good guy. I don’t know much about donkeys, but it looks like maybe it’s pregnant.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I love the family posts.

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