Family Photo Dump

It was a busy, fun, weekend again.  I love summer when schedules aren’t so restricting and we can do things a little more impromptu.

My original intention was to go to my great nephew’s graduation but then didn’t because Kelli didn’t have anyone to watch the kids. Kelli and Kalissa were both supposed to work overnight on Friday night.  So I said I would watch the kids on Saturday.  Then Buck and Karl said they’d come home too so everyone landed here.  At one point Karl and I snuck away long enough to fix the gravestone that I told you about in Tuesday’s post.  You can read it HERE if you missed it.

This is the family photo bomb from the weekend…

Kalissa is with Lucy.  They were both afraid Kalissa wouldn’t be able to fix Lucy’s hair because Lucy donated her hair a couple of weeks ago.  Fixing her hair is their bonding thing.

The kids played out front most of Friday evening.  Here’s Gannon.

Here is Scotty.  The kids always get so dirty playing at my house.  Check out Rosie’s photo bombing in the background.  She just loves her in-ground fencing.

Lilly loves Rosie.  They play together so much.  Buck keeps saying “that girl needs a dog” and we all agree.

The glider swing is always a popular place.  Here are Carver and Georgie.  These two are two of a kind.  I’m hoping Georgie can mellow out a little as Carver has.

Here are two different peas in a pod.  Gannon and Scotty are mellow compared to the other two.  Here they are under my willow tree.

The willow tree is the only shaded tree I have.  The others are small so this is a popular place too.

Lucy learned to pump.  YAHOO!!  I love that!!

Kalissa took a nap with Lilly.  Here Lilly is just waking up.  They were using my quilt from Annie.  By the way, a little bird told me it was Annie’s birthday last week.  Happy Birthday, Annie!!

Here is Emmett…No.  He hasn’t grown a mustache.  He go ahold of a marker.

I sat so I could get my makeup and hair done.  I love the look on Emmett’s face.

Doing my hair and makeup is something the kids just love doing.

As always, Eli and Emmett were a handful.  Give me back the days a year ago.  I don’t know why I thought it was hard to take care of them then.  It’s much more challenging now.

“Playing rocks” is another popular thing at my house.  I would say the favorite inside toy.  I bought construction vehicles like THESE and decorative rocks from Dollar Tree.  Then put them in these trays.  It’s very popular with the kiddos.

I recently found THESE construction workers that are like army men at the thrift store.  They were a great addition to the set.

Lucy spent MUCH of the time coloring.  She’s crazy about coloring and loves writing words.

They all went home on Sunday afternoon…and this grandma was POOPED!

I love seeing them so much but I have a great appreciation for the quiet too.  Hopefully, we can do this a time or two again before school starts and we’re all back to the normal routines.

8 thoughts on “Family Photo Dump”

  1. You are such a good grandma!! It is very having that many grands at one time, and as you know, very exhausting. But this will pass all too fast. I love to see all the pictures of these little darlings.

  2. Time goes so fast, you’ll look back and wonder how you were able to do it all. My grandsons are grown now but the memories are there and I am happy to know they will remember me with live. So enjoy this time Jo

  3. What a fun filled weekend! I loved seeing all those bare toes playing outside. Your hair is beautiful, they sure know how to make you looks marvelous.

  4. I miss that age with my grandchildren. They are all teenagers (or older) now. While I enjoy the adult conversation with the older ones, I miss the baby time… but not enough to hope for great-grands.

  5. I love to see your kids playing with Tonka trucks and vehicles. My nephew who is only 4 years younger than me had them and we had a ball making roads, pills of dirt etc. Boy that was a long time ago.

  6. It’s lovely to see all your grandchildren playing together, Jo. What a brilliant weekend for you all. It’s great looking at your photos and seeing the children growing up :-)

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