Family Photo Bomb

I think the family photo bomb posts are here to stay.  They seem to be really popular and often give you all a giggle.

Remember the wedding we all went to…here is what I looked like mid hairstyle courtesy of Kalissa.  I’m holding our oldest Kelli’s little boy Eli.

At the wedding, the kids all stood together for a photo to mark the day.  You can see that in the lower right.  Kalissa took that photo and made a collage of other photos the kids have taken together in earlier years.

The top picture is left to right, Buck, Karl, Kayla, Kalissa, and Kelli.  Kelli is the oldest, Kalissa is the youngest.  There are 8 years between them.  I’m guessing the top picture was from about 10 years ago.

Kalissa took Carver and Gannon out to ride in the combine with Craig.

Carver had to dress accordingly.  That meant he needed his belt, plier holder, and pliers.

He is still a big-time tool lover.  Only now, the play tools don’t do the trick.  It’s all real tools for this boy.

Here is… Karl saying his epic longest ever Minnesota goodbye.  Someone termed a Minnesota goodbye as a person meaning to leave but then stays, starts to leave, and then stays longer.  Being I’m from Minnesota and all of my family teases me that once I get around my extended family, I am terrible at actually leaving, I am termed the Minnesota good-byer of the family.  On this day, Karl had me beat.

Karl still comes often.  He’s over here for supper one or two nights a week.  I love it.

Lucy got her first haircut ever.  They only took an inch or so off the bottom.  She’s almost four and this a first for her.

Kayla sent this picture of Jasper.  Notice what he’s playing with in his truck…macaroni noodles.  I think the boy needs some corn.  He likes trucks and tractors.

You might remember we’ve become a board game family.  The latest is Rush MD.  Find it HERE on Amazon.  I haven’t played yet.  The deal in our family is that two people typically take a game and learn to play it.  Then we get together at another time and several of us play with the two who learned teaching the others.  It works much better that way.

I can’t wait to try this.

When Bucks kids were here they had a great time playing with a new toy that I got, Squigz.  They are a suction cup-building game.  I was lucky and found them at the thrift store.  They are still available HERE on Amazon.  I’ve never seen them in a store before.   We had fun with them as they also stick on windows.  Below is Lucy.

Scotty had them all lined up along the table.  They can suction to each other too.

I love buying toys that I don’t mind playing too.  This is one I don’t mind playing.

I have a couple of videos to share too.

This is Jasper reading the book I made for the grandkids about Kramer, my husband that passed away in June of 2019.   Kayla was pregnant with Jasper when Kramer passed.  They never got to meet each other.

The book is extra special to the kids that didn’t meet him and special to the ones that did as the oldest was only 3 at the time.  You can read more about my making the book and actually read the book by following THIS LINK.

I HIGHLY recommend making something like this if you have young grandchildren and they lost a grandparent…or if you don’t live near family and want your kids to learn about their family.

In the video, Jasper is naming off his Aunts and Uncles.

The next video is of Lilly.  She’s a little spitfire and not afraid of much at all.

Here is another of Jasper.  He got to go to the Tractor Museum and Antique shop in Dyersville, Iowa.  He was FULL of excitement.

That’s the latest photo bomb from the Kramer house.  I love sharing these and am so happy you love seeing family pictures too.

13 thoughts on “Family Photo Bomb”

  1. We were in Dyersville in September and were able to visit the tractor museum – very interesting to this old farm girl. Glad that Jasper enjoyed it!!!

  2. My maiden name is Langston. My family (mainly the women….there were four of us and just two men) tend to make the rounds to say good bye to everyone when we are leaving. Sometimes that takes a while…’s referred to as the “Langston Lag”. Loved all your photos and videos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I had never read your book until now, all I can say with wet eyes is WOW , I do believe he would be very proud of you Jo and the family. What a lovely tribute it has got me thinking of doing something similar with my parents. Thank you Jo for sharing such a special tribute.

  4. I know the Minnesota Goodbye…LOL! Does Karl hop over to your house without his shoes often?! Or are they just outside the door?

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I love those pictures. Lily running and playing with the vacumn is a hoot and Jasper in the tractor store was absolutely fun. He was so good about being told no. I love children. The pictures were all so good. Eli looks so big.

  6. The videos are just priceless and the Minnesota good bye is hilarious! Carver with his pliers, ready to lend a hand, Lucy chasing the vac and Jasper loving the tractors, so sweet.

  7. Jo,

    In one of my favorite shows “Everybody Loves Raymond” one of the characters said his wife was on the “Goodbye Tour” when she said her goodbyes. My husband’s family is that way as well, I have learned to sit down and wait until he heads to the car…he usually makes a trip or two back into the house as we all wait in the car. He’s from Wisconsin, so it is not just a MN trait!

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