Family Photo Bomb…with a blog reader story included

So many of you enjoyed the last family photo bomb of pictures so I decided to do another along with a fun story about a blog reader.

Here are Anders and Carver. Anders hero worships Carver. I thought is was a cute picture.

It’s been so rainy here. So rainy. Kalissa decided to let the boys play in the puddles. Here’s Anders playing one day…

Here’s what happened the next day!! HA!! Yep…both pictures are of Anders. It’s just that he got a hair cut in between the taking of the two pictures.

He wasn’t phased by it.

Scottie and Lucy finished school for the year. They were the last of the grandkids to finish. Here they are on the last day. Lucy finished Kindergarten and Scott finished 2nd grade. Time sure is flying.

Here’s a weird thing that Gannon can do. He can touch his elbows behind his back. Kalissa could as a child and she was happy to learn she can still do it. I can’t at all.

Ball practice and games are in full swing (pun intended). Carver really likes ball and tries so hard to be a good player.

Gannon is not a ball fan but is playing this year to give it a try.

Anders wants to be everywhere the big brothers are.

Now here’s a story about Kayla and her family…it’s a cute one.

Kayla and Spencer had car issues and decided to get a new car. They hunted for what they wanted and finally found one four hours away in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Over Memorial Day weekend they loaded up Jasper and took off to go pick it up.

They decided to make a weekend of it and take in a few sites.

When they went through Monroe, WI, Jasper needed a bathroom break so they stopped at the Farm and Fleet. It was an uneventful stop. Later in the day, Kayla got this message.

How fun was that!!?? Kayla was spotted. Honestly, everyone in the family has been out and about at some time or another and “been spotted”. None of us mind if you stop and say Hi…and no, we don’t think you’re a creeper. We think it’s kind of fun. So if you ever do see us, feel free to say hi.

They continued on their journey and made the best of the long ride in the car with Jasper. He’s at the million of questions stage so it’s always fun to hear what he comes up with.

That’s the latest from the family photo bomb.

I do love the family message group. It really helps us all stay in touch. If you don’t have a family chat group, I highly recommend putting one together…and if you’re older and don’t text, you really need to make a point of doing it. If want to stay in touch with our family members, we need to do even if we prefer phone calls. The way of the younger generations is to text…I’m getting to the point I often prefer a text. Who knew? I thought it was so dumb to text when the option to do so first came out. Now I love it.

15 thoughts on “Family Photo Bomb…with a blog reader story included”

  1. Hey, that was me!! I just love your family. And I will be saying hello from now on. I won’t be shy, but I can’t guarantee I will be calm. :) I am so lucky to have seen her even if I didn’t say hello. Sounds like they had a great adventure that weekend. Many blessings to you and your family. And thank you for sharing them all with us.

  2. Terrific post this morning! Only thing better than quilts you’re working on, cross stitch, puppies and Jerry stories are family photos! I miss seeing little ones and you have the cutest grandkids! Thanks!

  3. So glad to have family stories and pictures in your blog again. Did Kayla leave a car in WI or did they drive two back? I sent a picture of my completed QAL with your disappearing 9 patch. A hero veteran will receive it.

  4. Hey There!! That Elbow thing is a sign of Hypermobilty and associated with Ehlers Danlos. I’m 59 and can still do that move along with many others.

    1. Yes…Ehlers Danlos has been tested with Gannon more than once. It was part of his problems when he was a baby.

  5. I always love reading your family updates and the photos of your grandchildren. It’s so lovely watching them grow. Thanks for sharing with us, Jo!

  6. All such fun photos. It seems that Anders went from baby to little boy in just a couple of months! It is always good to see your grands and see how they are growing up. Lucy looks like she is almost as tall as Scotty. Good to see more of Jasper too.

  7. Martha W in WY

    I noticed Lucy’s height also. Maybe she’ll be tall. Anders has such a beautiful smile and chubby cheeks. I love seeing photos of your grands. They are all growing up so fast!

  8. Well I realize he does not have children yet but in general we have not been hearing about Karl lately. Particularly interested in how his home project is coming along!
    And those grands are just so attractive. Havent heard Kaylas remarks on Jason either. He came up with the mostly adult comments for his age. Oh Brenda quit complaining and be grateful for all this cuteness.

  9. We have a family whatsapp group that operates much as yours does. It’s a great way to feel connected, especially when one or the other kids is overseas, as our youngest is. It’s lovely because she sees all the great family photos and can have video calls, so she can still stay in touch. And yes, I like texting too, in fact I prefer it, although I like talking on the phone too.

  10. Karen aka Lace Faerie

    Hi Jo! You are so right about the younger generations preferring to text as opposed to speak on the phone.

    Something you might enjoy is the Marco Polo app. You can make videos within groups. It lets you share what happening giving the face to face of a video call that the others in your group can watch at their convenience. My sisters and I are one group and we share what’s going on in our gardens, our projects and just to say a quick hello. It’s so nice to see them! Really convenient, especially when one of our sisters is traveling for work. Scheduling time to chat and catch up is sometimes impossible!

    We us the free version of Marco Polo but they do have more features if you are willing to pay for them.

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