Family Photo Bomb…

I was scrolling through my pictures on my phone. There were a lot of cute ones in the mix but none were enough to write a single blog post about. I decide to put the photos all together in one post and share the family happenings as of late.

Gannon graduated from preschool. It’s kindergarten for him next year. Look how good he was when it was time to take his picture.

After the ceremony, we went out for supper to celebrate Kalissa’s birthday. She’s 29 now!! WOW. My baby is 29. I was 29 when she was born.

Georgia graduated from preschool as well. She however wouldn’t pose for a nice picture. She was her spit fire self and this was the photo Kelli captured.

Later in the week, Kelli took her out for a girl’s day.

The family was over one night for pizza. Here’s Carver.

Later in the week, he wiped out on his bike. Poor guy.

Here are some evening pictures of me stitching with the dogs. This is the look Izzy gives me every night if I don’t pet her enough while I’m stitching. Rosie could care less.

I weeded the iris one day…two days later they were all blooming.

I’ve had a goal to try to do more good deeds. Last week I did three good deeds by delivering things to friends on my way home from work. I’ve delivered meds and dogs from the vet clinic. One day I treated myself for doing good deeds. It was raspberry angel food cake ice cream. YUM!

Speaking of good deeds, Karl’s car broke down and I saved him.

It’s been SUPER rainy lately in our area. We have had a lot of rain.

Buck has been taking the kids out and they have been enjoying a lot of the area state parks. The kids are getting the hang of hiking and are loving it. Isn’t this a wonderful picture??

This is another cute one…I love that they are getting outside and playing.

That’s what I have for the family photo bomb of pictures. None were enough for a single blog post but I hated not to share these.

26 thoughts on “Family Photo Bomb…”

  1. Thanks for sharing these. It’s always lovely seeing your photos and catching up with the grandchildren’s progress.

  2. I’m starting to wonder if you are real or if your blog is maybe an AI creation. Whose grandbabies could really be that cute? They’re adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can’t believe how fast the grands are growing. Make time stand still (I’m sure ya’ll are thinking the same thing).

    Wishing you a terrific week!

  4. I did a good deed too, this week. I took a dollar tree cart back into the store before I went on to Food Lion. No people involved, but I felt good about it. It sort of set me up for a better day, which I needed. Thanks for this post!

  5. I’m not sure Kayla mentioned it, but I saw her in WI this past weekend. I was too nervous to say hi and introduce myself, but I sure wish I would have. Hopefully next time I will be better at saying hello. It was random but very nice to see her and Jasper. Even if I didn’t say hi. I feel like I know your whole family just by reading your blog and supporting Kalissa’s etsy store.

  6. I love your random photos. Georgia looks so much like her beautiful grandma Jo! My mama’s name was Georgia. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Beryl in Owatonna

      I thought the very same thing…she sure has her Grandma’s smile!! Love all the pictures of your beautiful family, Jo!! You can tell they are all loved!
      Enjoy your summer!

  7. Kristy Wilkinson

    I can’t believe how grown up they are all getting to be! I am not their grandma but I don’t have any grandchildren and so they are like my adopted ones! :-) So glad you shared their pictures here. These are milestones for them and that is important to their families and us too! I love that Rosie has become such a mellow dog now and Izzy’s face is just too cute! It is good to still be able to rescue our children every once in a while! This post made my day Jo! Thanks for all you do for so many people! K-

  8. So glad you photobombed us! Loved every picture because each one told a story. Kids, grandkids, and dogs, … and ice cream. Perfect subjects. Thanks for reporting your good deeds as a reminder that we all could help others with random acts of kindness. Definite food for thought.

  9. Rebecca Burch

    Oh my word! Georgia looks just like you!
    You have such a sweet family. Thank you for “bombing” us with these great pix!
    P. S: I agree – the state parks are a great place for kids!

  10. Loved the photo bomb! Gannon is maturing and so proud that he graduated preschool, and then there’s Georgia! What a gal! Poor Carver – quite the okie he got!
    Buck is such a good daddy – took great pictures for you to share. It is always fun to see your grands!

  11. For Christmas we got a wonderful gift that we enjoy all day, every day. It’s an electric frame and the kids can send pictures they take with their phones directly to it. I can put my pictures on it as well. Such a great invention & I highly recommend it.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful gift. I’m so outta the loop on technology, can you tell me about in more detail? Specifically brand and where to purchase.

      1. Martha W in WY

        My sister gifted one to my 100 yr old mother at Christmas. She emailed an invitation to our family members. So those members can send photos to the frame. The members can also see what other people “put” on the frame. Mother loves it.

      2. Hi Penni-

        My husband got the frame on Amazon (where else?!). The name on the back of our fame is WDYQJE, but we’ve also had a Sylvania. You’ll need the Frameo app to send pictures. It’s great! I would highly recommend adding the insurance–one of ours pooped out rather quickly.

    2. oh please tell us more about this wonderful sounding bit f technology. Do you think it would work for pictures across the pond ? And then there are those folks in Florida and Ohio also. WOW thank you

  12. Martha W in WY

    I love the photos. I’m proud of Gannon. I remember when he disliked his photo being taken. And Georgia….what more can we say? Kelli’s going to have her hands full when Georgia’s a teen. Poor Carver… Your raspberry angel cake ice cream sounds like it would be a tasty flavor. The iris look beautiful.

  13. Thank you for sharing your photos. Every one of them was a cutie. Even the “ouchie” one. You have such a lovely family…lovely inside and out.

  14. great photos and the tales that go wih them. I think Anders Gannon and Carver are going to be tall and handsome like Craig. I think Georgia can just get to be the free spirit of your family; especially when it comes to photos. It is not worth it to have photo taking become WW111. Just look how Gannon has progressed with the nonchalant way you all handled his not liking to be photographed. What progress. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR PHOTOS.We get to love them via email.

  15. I love seeing all the pictures of your grands and family!! They are so cute and changing so much! Hugs,

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