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Sometimes family news trumps all other news!  I have two things on the family front to tell you about.

This guy is headed off to student teach….

…in Texas.

It wasn’t my pick of places for him to go.  He’s a big boy and can make his own decisions..and this is the decision he made.   I know it’s a little bit selfish but I’ll be honest, I don’t want him to move that far away.  Of course I want him to peruse his dreams and do all the things he’s ever wanted to do….but I want him to want to be here.


These two are the closest buddies.  Kalissa and Karl have always been the best of friends.


The thing we’ll all miss the most is Karl hugs.  Karl is the very best hugger of the family.


News #2
One kid leave us…a new baby will be joining us.Buck and his girlfriend Lora are expecting a new little one in December.  My birthday is on the 14th and new little baby Kramer is due around then.  Buck and Lora both and not into social media and don’t like their business out there and I totally want to respect that.  I’ve been begging and begging him to just let me put a little blurb on the blog and let you know how excited we are about being grandparents again…finally he relented.

This is Lora and Buck and Lora’s guy Scottie.  He’s two and so fun.


It’s nice that Buck is already jumping in and being a role model for Scottie.  The whole family has LOVED seeing the snap chats and videos Buck sends of Scottie.


It was kind of funny…we had all gotten together (except for Kayla-she’s in New York) to send Karl off.  We were at a local restaurant.  As Roger and I were walking out we were stopped and people were asking about the family.  They said “Aw you guys have a really nice family”.  I sure think so too.

I’m now looking really forward to December….my baby, Karl, will hopefully come home from Texas and Buck and Lora’s new baby will be here.

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  1. Congratulations on the new grand baby!!! You had better get started on the quilt!!!! You have a beautiful family Jo!!! Good luck to Karl with his student teaching!! When I did my student teaching we had to do it in the state we lived in! Times have changed!

  2. Congratulations. It will be nice for Carver to have a cousin close in age.
    As mothers we always hope to live near our kids.
    Maybe we can all wish really hard that he moves back to IA after student teaching :)

  3. Good luck to Karl with his student teaching and congrats to Buck & Lora! You are very lucky your kids are all close by. My family is spread out on the east coast (I’m in NY) and none are here. I enjoy your reading your Blog and hearing about your family.

  4. Congratulations for baby on the way, especially to a loving couple!! You best make two “LOVE” baby quilts while you are piecing…you know “leaders and enders”!! So fun!! Karl will have a great time in Texas….but HOME will always be in his heart.

  5. Wow! what wonderful news on your home front. How exciting to have Karl off to do what he has been working so hard to achieve, Texas is lucky to have him. Our son lives in Austin and he loves the dry hot heat. Congratulations to Buck, Lora and Scottie! a new baby is a blessing and should be celebrated, I’m glad he relented and let you tell us all. Now you will need to get busy with a new baby quilt for sure.

  6. Sorry to hear about Karl going to Texas. Hopefully only until December. Congratulations on becoming grandparents again. It’s always exciting to have a new grandchild join the family!!

  7. Life is happening in big ways to your wonderful family and I know that when you gather again, everyone will be more and more grateful for the new changes but especially grateful for the original circle of love you created. Your blog world friends are thinking of you with love…..

  8. Lauren Hensley Webb

    Hi Jo! As you might know, I live in Houston, TX and I am a teacher, too! I don’t know where your son is teaching, but we have friends all over the state! I hope he gets a lot out of his student teaching experience!

    1. Lauren…How funny is that? Your parents are my neighbors and Karl will be yours…well as close as both of you living in Houston is!!!

  9. Congratulations on having another grandchild on the way! I have just one son and it was really hard when he went off to Navy boot camp. Hardly any communication for those 8 weeks. But, when he finished that and went off to A school in California, he could have his computer and phone again. We got in the habit of talking on Facebook messenger ever day. Made such a big difference to me! Hopefully you can start something like that. Not the same as having them close, but it sure helps!

  10. I live about 15-20 minutes away from the southwestern part of Houston. Right now, we are under heat advisories. So grateful to whoever invented air conditioning!

  11. Tx is a big friendly state. The lower half has mild winters. I think Karl will love Tx, altho I know he’ll miss his family and home.

    Congrats to Buck and Lora! So exciting. Sounds like the grandchild bandwagon is starting to roll . . . ! !

  12. Big happenings in your family! Here’s to Karl and his adventure in student teaching in Texas. He just might decide he likes Iowa the best. Congrats to Buck and Lora on their expected little one. I know you will love having another grandbaby around. That little Scottie is such a cutie. With those dimples he reminds me so much of my little grandson, Holden, who will be four next month.

  13. Congratulations on being a Grandmother again! There really is nothing like it, is there? I was so worried when my second grandchild came fearing I couldn’t love it as much as my first. Needless worry!!! I’ve now got 6 and love them all to pieces. Student teaching will be over before you know it.

  14. Awe Texas isn’t so bad. We love it here! But I do know how you feel about your babies being so far away. I thought it was the end of the world when our son-in-law was assigned to. Japan and took my daughter and grands there for 3 years. Time goes on and we survived. Congrats on the new grand baby!!

  15. Jo, my hubby is a Native Houstonian, born & raised in the Memorial area. Just suggest he try to keep his commute to work under 30 minutes, as this town has grown tremendously in the past 30 years. We moved out to the Northwest side in 1985, bought 10 acres & built a house, better schools and better quality of life for us all. Now, the big city found us & we’ve decided to move to the Texas Hill Country. Houston is a great place to work, with all the jobs available and career advancement opportunities . Best of luck to Karl. BTW Karl, a big Howdy to ya, & welcome to the Great State of Texas, we are a country of our “own”..home of Rudy’s, Coopers & Goode Co. BBQ, Chuy’s Mexican food, great Texas beer, and the birthplace of “Dr. Pepper” soft drink. Oh, and how could I forget to mention, Blue Bell Homemade ice cream….. and Texas’s own Red Dirt Music…Home of King George Strait, Willie Nelson & Austin City Limits & the biggest & best rodeo in the world, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo..

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