Family Day

On Saturday my side of the family came.  We’re usually a pretty big clan but this time we were down in numbers.  My sister and her crew had show choir for a lot of the kids….one of my nieces was on the way and got a flat tire.  It’s okay…we were happy to see all who came and sometimes, when fewer come I don’t feel as guilty that I didn’t get to see everyone!!

We all don’t get together very often anymore.  It’s so hard.  All of my siblings are still working.  All of my siblings are grandparents.  Most have many grandchildren.  I’m far behind with only two-ish.

Being we don’t see each other very often and travel is a bit between our homes, we often have baby showers and such as a joint event with men and women…and kids.  This day we were getting together to both get a chance to visit and so my siblings could meet our grand daughter Lucy.  Here she is with her momma, Lora.  This is our son Buck’s girlfriend and baby.

Buck doesn’t love social media so I typically don’t blog about him as much.  He doesn’t mind some but not day to day things.

Here’s Hubby and I with little Lucy.…and here we are with our grand kids.  We also claim Lora’s little guy Scottie but he couldn’t come on this day…and so far, doesn’t know us the best.  Hopefully in time that will all change.  Scottie is 2 1/2 years old.
I tried to squeeze in lots of Lucy time.  It’s so hard as we don’t see her often.  I’m hoping as the weather improves everyone will be healthier and we can make a few trips that way.

…and big yawns from Lucy.  She is precious. Here’s part of our crew! Here’s a bit of a better picture.

The house is so good for having company.  I love it.

We didn’t be a lot of picture of the kiddos.  These are two of my great nieces.

When we get together at our house we don’t do fancy shower decorations or finger sandwiches.  We have a baking contest.  This time the theme was chocolate.  Everyone who wants to enters.  The girls did cupcakes.Craig made a pudding cake.The only rule is that it has to have some sort of chocolate in it.  So while we were all thinking cakes and desserts, my niece Crystal made this….
a chocolate chip cheese ball and it was the winner.  She served it with fruit as a dip and also had graham and chocolate graham crackers with it.  YUM.  I asked for the recipe and she shared it.  (Photo courtesy of Lil Luna)

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball!! A cool, creamy treat filled with mini chocolate chips and covered in chopped pecans!
You can find the recipe for it here.  It was awesome.

While the ladies were in the house, the guys spent most of their time in the garage.

The kids were in the living room.  Carver did good with all the excitement.  This was a picture from early in the day….more kids came.

Kelli and Kayla had trouble understanding why Kalissa was so excited.  She bought a “Best Aunt” shirt and wore it…she took Lucy as much as possible.

Then Kalissa finally told them.  I’ve never been an aunt before.
They forgot that they are an aunt to Carver….but Kalissa isn’t she’s his mom so Lucy was the little one that made her an aunt.

It was a great day.  I sure wish more could have come but we had lots of fun …and this way, with not so many here, I had plenty of time with little Lucy!!

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  1. Oh me too! Me too! I wish we could have come! But I couldn’t miss Zachary’s show choir debut and the end of Ryan and Dawn’s high school season. It was a good day here too!

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