Family Day

We didn’t plan a family day.  It just happened.  Saturday was a big day here.  Kelli was here as she had to work the overnight shift and needed to have someone watch Georgia so she could take a big afternoon nap.

Carver and Gannon were here because Kalissa had just worked the overnight shift and needed to sleep and Craig was working in the morning for a bit.  The boys needed somewhere to land for a bit.  It was my house!

Buck called me and asked if this would be a good weekend to come and help me get some of the jobs done around the job.  I said sure.  At the time I didn’t know that I’d have the other kids here.  What a houseful.

Gannon was being his cute self.

Of course, this Grandma had to spoil them with ice cream.  This is our oldest five grandkids.  From left to right, Lucy, Carver, Gannon, Scott and Georgia.

As I said early, Gannon really was being his cute self.

I picked up Gannon and Georgia at the same time.  Then quickly said, I think it’s the last time I’ll be able to do that.  I used to cart the two of them around together all of the time.  They’ve grown so much!!

It’s been fun having the two the same age.

About then my brother Jay called and asked if I was home.  He’d stop over if I was.  I said sure.  The more the merrier!

On Buck’s list of things to do…change out my cabinet knobs.  I had these…

They changed to these…
I love them.  I didn’t plan on changing them out but I was looking for knobs for something else and had gone to Menards.  Holy Batman.  Knobs were expensive.  I ended up going home with none and decided to look on Amazon.  I got these….

Cosmas 5560ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Hardware Round Knob - 1-1/4" Diameter - 25 Pack
$28 for a 25 pack.  MUCH cheaper than Menards.  HERE is the link.

Even my brother Jay and Craig got in the work.

YES…my kitchen did pile up with dishes.  This is a hungry crew!!

I have to stop here and tell you a funny about Carver.  A few weeks ago, Carver was at my house and Gannon was sleeping.  I was trying to get supper started as I knew Kalissa’s family would be here for supper.  Carver wanted me to sit at the table and play with him.  I told him no, I had to make supper but promised I would later.  Just then Carver says, “Why doesn’t my Uncle Jay come and play with me?”

A back story on that is last time Uncle Jay came, I was making food and Jay was sitting at the table.  Carver would pull out some Legos and Jay would play with him while we chatted.  Carver thought that was wonderful and wanted Jay to play with him again.  I ended up messaging Jay telling him Carver wanted him to come and play…and a couple of weeks later, in comes Jay.  He’s a great brother.

Here Scotty and Georgia were matching the knob to the screws.

Unknowing the reaction, Craig took a couple of Georgia’s and she threw a fit.  Here Georgia is crying and Scotty is getting a couple of his and is giving them to Georgia.  He’s a sweet guy.

Buck tackled some of the harder jobs.

He hates getting his picture taken…

Here is the new television mounted as I’ve wanted!!  YAHOO!!  I’m so happy.

The new television is bigger than my old one.

I’m going to work on making a table runner to go on top of the unit below and possibly get a few low profile decorations.  I’d really love a dough bowl with cross-stitch pieces and pincushions in it.  That’s on my long term project list.  I want to start looking for a rectangular dough bowl.

The television in the sewing room got hung too.  MUCH safer for both of the televisions.  I’m hoping to do some decoration on top of the dresser too.

My absolute favorite thing of the day that got done though was hands down, my new island for my sewing room.  See how the dresser anchors one end and the table legs anchor the other end?

The room is all a mess and everything got moved around and is out of place, but it’s a step closer.  YAHOO!!

The whole process of it all was frustrating for Buck as the table legs weren’t quite long enough…but, it’s done and will work splendidly.

He also hung my dry erase board on the back of the door.

I’m just thrilled with how the sewing room is coming together.  I have to put everything back together and do a couple of other things but I think I’m about a week away from having a big reveal of the sewing room.  I’m so excited to show you the before and after pictures and explain everything I did to bring it all together.  What’s left are only a few things only I can do.  I don’t need anyone else’s help to finish it and that is wonderful.

But back to the family…
Lucy’s birthday is today!  She is 3 already!  Kelli had gotten her a present and wanted her to open it.

She bought her a Minnie Mouse doctor kit.  I love how the kids give presents that are reflective of them…Kelli a nurse thus a doctor kit.

Here is Lucy all dressed up in the outfit.  So cute!!

I had a great weekend all around.  It was so nice to see Buck and the kids…and fun to see the grandkids play together.  They really do like each other.

My heart is happy with family and with the wonderful things that were accomplished in the house over the weekend.

15 thoughts on “Family Day”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    What a lovely, fun and working day. Having the Grands all there to “help” was part of the fun. Your sewing room looks amazing what I could see of it. Great use of space and decor. Do you want a wooden dough bowl or pottery?
    I saw a square wooden bowl at an old fashioned hardware store some years ago. I would have gotten it but it was out of my price range at the time. If you know a good wood carver you might be able to talk him/her into making you what you want. Just a suggestion.

  2. Love this post! You are blessed with grandkids! I’d love that! I don’t know if you have a Hobby Lobby up there, but I’ve seen several dough bowls at ours and they were reasonably priced too. Can’t wait to see the reveal of your sewing room!

  3. How fun to be with the grand kiddos! It is good to have them close in age so they play good together, maybe not all the time, but will keep getting good. You are helping them build close relationships. I am anxious to see your sewing room completed because it is coming together so well. You have a great family and I love hearing about them – and seeing their darling faces!

  4. Wow, so much going on, but that’s what happens with family isn’t it? Glad you had such a great weekend. Can’t wait to see the sewing room reveal. It’s going to be fun!

  5. I love to see your kitchen. It reminds me of when I had tons of things going on, kids in and out all day, some mine, some their friends, and it just was not possible to keep up on the neatness! One time a Cub Scout parent was dropping something off at my house and I was not there. She looked in the kitchen door window but still wasn’t sure it was the right place because it was too neat! She knew after school, predinner times were pretty hectic in our home, and I still am not sure she was at my house that time! Of course, I have enough Pennsylvania Dutch genes to feel guilty when the place isn’t up to standards, but then, the kids were young and they took priority. Dishes will wait, and the good cleaning fairy never came for a visit! Those were the good old days! You know this, you’re in the grandkid stage, and you know what lasts—the memorie, the experiences, the attention, the love. Enjoy and wait for the dish fairy.

  6. It looks like a fun weekend for all and a lot of great work was finished. Everyone pitched in. Best of all Jo your sewing room dream is really coming true!

  7. Your sewing room is starting to take shape and I love the new cutting table, so useful. I cant wait to see the big reveal. It’s always so nice to have many hands getting things done and you can check them off. I really like your new knobs, classic. Those grandbabies are getting bigger by the minute and the doctor kit is perfect for Lucy, she will be a fine doctor for the family.

  8. Your sewing room is looking terrific. I’m cheering you on! Can you hear me? Had you ever thought of transferring all your plants to red pots to finesse your color scheme (which I love!) ?
    Love your busy, family friendly household! Looks so inviting!

  9. Hi Jo, love hearing all about the family, your blog is the highlight of my day. I so look forward to seeing it every day. My heart goes out to you for everything you have had to endure. You are so resilient and the way your family helps out is wonderful. I have a small favour to ask, I have been trying to find your blog with the ham and scalloped potatoes in the slow cooker recipe and haven’t had any luck. If possible, could you please repost or link in your recipe tab at the top of the blog. Maybe I just haven’t tried hard enough to find and gave up to soon. Also love your videos, especially the Sew with Jo series and looking forward to more. Thanks in advance for your trouble. A long time fan and quilter Maureen

  10. /we think alike- when I was looking for kitchen cabinet knobs I went to several stores and ended up at Amazon with the exact same ones you bought.They’re still going strong. Having something like 37 knobs in my kitchen I wasn’t in the market for $2-$3 per knob!!! Maybe ot as fancy but they clean well and work just fine.

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