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I’ve had lots of visitors lately…all family.  I think the kids all know there is a possibility that I’ll have the Radioactive Iodine Treatment and want to be here as much as they can before I’m put in quarantine…so they visit.  That plus missing each other from Covid quarantine adds up to lots of time to make up for…and making up for it, they have.

Friday was a grandma day.  Here I have Carver on the left.  Gannon sleeping in the middle and Georgia on the right…who was suppose to be going to sleep…no luck.

Auntie Kayla and Jasper were here too.

…but admittedly, my lap wasn’t big enough for Jasper too.  My heart sure was though!!  He is growing so big.  Carver as you can see adores him.  He takes his role as big cousin pretty seriously.

You could find him with Jasper like this much of the weekend.    See?

Gannon thinks Jasper is pretty cool too.

Sadly Kelli was at work but we did get to spend time with Georgia.  She is a spit fire.  Her and Jasper don’t get along the best.  She loves him a little too much. She’s always trying to get his pacifier.  So for much of the weekend, one of us had to hold Jasper…or hold Georgia as she is also VERY interested in his eyes and want to know if they do open and shut like her dolly’s eyes.

Oh Georgia…We just love you anyway!!

Karl was on food duty one of the nights.  Food is a little hard with me on my diet..I ended up making potato salad for all of them.  It has salt, egg yolk, mayo, mustard, and potato skins…all things I can’t have.  I made myself a lettuce salad.

We cooked up a pack of brats and then burgers too!  Kayla is vegetarian so I picked up a pack of this….

Kayla really liked them and if you have a vegetarian in your family, I recommend giving them a try.  I’ve said before that I sometimes struggle knowing what to make when Kayla is here.  This was EASY and perfect.

I had taken two one pound packs of hamburger out to make burgers with and started getting them ready to make.  I was chatting and without thinking I added spices…including spices with salt.  UGH.  I was so frustrated.

I ended up going and getting another pound of hamburger so at one point we had brats, Kayla’s burger, my burgers and the rest of the family burgers all out on the griddle.  I love that there is enough room.  The griddle really makes cooking for all of us a much easier task.

Friday and Saturday were both so busy.  Kayla and Kalissa were in need of a little mom away time so Saturday morning I had the four kiddos myself.  Wow.  I forgot how hard childcare was!!  We made it through and everyone was safe.

Sunday morning Kayla packed up and headed home but not before a little more time with Jasper.  Here Rosie is checking him out.  Jasper likes animals which is good.

Jasper is such a cutie…This is his usual look.  He’s always bright eyed and ready for a picture.

As a family we spent time on both Friday night and Saturday night looking for one of Gannon’s shoes.  After the dust had settled and everyone was gone on Sunday I started to “find the house” back and look..there was the shoe.

The cabinet in the dining room has two spaces that aren’t fixed.  Kramer was in the middle of fixing on this when he got sick.  We put the cabinet in place but the end of the cabinet still needed to be fixed.  Originally he thought he’d turn them into spaces with doors and then changed his mind to drawers.  So not I need two drawers made.

In the meantime, I know to look for hidden goodies there.

What a busy, fun and wild weekend.  I really had a good time.  After quitting childcare, grandma time is so much sweeter…mom time with my grown kids is too.  At this point, I have no regrets.  I sure hope it stays that way.

On Saturday Kalissa and Craig took their kids and Georgia biking.  I’m sure she’ll be writing about that on her blog soon…you can find her at The Pink Shoelaces.

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  1. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For family time. Oh all those grandies are so lucky to have you available so much more :-)

    Best of luck with the diet and testing to come.

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