Family Celebrations

The kids were home this weekend for an early Easter get together.  We typically celebrate Easter with a get together on Palm Sunday.  We make that our tradition so the kids can have time with their in laws or in their own homes on actual Easter.

This time around, I caught a NASTY head cold.  Even with cold medicine, my nose was dripping and I was a mess.  Thankfully Kelli came Saturday afternoon and rescued me.


Once the rest of the kids were home, they helped too.



I just sat in the chair with some water and box of tissues.

Thanks to the kids our get together actually happened.  Without their help, it wouldn’t have been good at all.  Now, after I was basically useless, I think they got a clearer picture in to seeing how much work it takes to get a meal together for this big crew.

Thanks kids…I hope to see you all in the kitchen next time around too only then, I hope to be more of a help.

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  1. How wonderful that your children all work together — in the kitchen!! I bet you had a hard time even tasting your food with that cold. I hope you get better quickly!
    ps. That’s a great idea for celebrating Easter, by doing it a week early on Palm Sunday.

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