Fairy Garden Update

You might remember that this spring/summer Kalissa and I both started fairy gardens.  We started out strong and then my foot surgery and her pregnancy left us both a little fizzled out.

I kept my fairy gardens on the back patio.  While I had my non-weight baring cast, I had trouble getting out there to tend it.  Thankfully we had rain during that time and I didn’t need to worry about rain.

Mine I did so that I could take them into the house in the winter.  I didn’t have a wheelbarrow or something cool like that so I did mine in pots.  There are five pots.  Each is a varying size and shape but all of the pots match.  I got them on clearance so even though it was expensive, it wasn’t terrible and I love the look.

Kayla was home and she’s the plant lady..she loves plants and has gone on to take the Master Gardening classes as well.  I asked her to help me trim them up and carry them to the basement.  They were so overgrown that we could not see all the fairies anymore.

I told her in turn for helping she could take clippings of all of the plants.  She didn’t start out clipping very heavily at all…then I told her to clip more and she got better.


Here she is clipping away….fairy-garden-2

I feel bad that I never really showed these off my this year.  I really did get lots of enjoyment out of them even though they never were “finished”…then now I’m thinking about them and I think fairy gardens are supposed to be an ongoing project that never does get finished…kind of like decorating a house.  We always seem to be adding or subtracting objects in our homes.

For now, they are going to the basement.  I don’t have a good place for them here in the house proper.  We have the egressed window in the basement and the pots are all there.  I’m hoping they do okay then when spring comes they can come out and I can revive them.

Kayla went home with a bucket and a flat of trimmings.  She says she’d love to grow and sell succulents.  Those plants are really popular right now so hopefully she’ll find a market for them….if not, oh my, she’s going to have a jungle on her hands!!

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  1. OH I like that! I bought a large low ceramic bowl this summer, and wasn’t sure what I’m going to do with it. I hope you post more about the fairy gardens in the spring, bc now I want to do that!!!! I do have an old toka truck that was in someone’s trash that I made a succulent garden out of. It’s having to find a winter parking zone too!.

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