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When Kalissa was pregnant before Carver was born we were both here at my house with the childcare kiddos.  Hubby was home and teasing one of the kids.  I have to tell you, lots of kids don’t like Hubby.  I think it’s the beard and the rough look of him.

After the kids left Kalissa got a little teary eyed and said, “I don’t want Carver to be afraid of Dad.”  I laughed.  I know he won’t.  Hubby will be spending a lot more time with Carver and Carver will get used to him.

A couple days later Kalissa came to me and said, I was thinking…I think it’s Dad’s facial hair that bothers kids.  It might be I told her.  They we got thinking about Carver.  Most of the men who will be in his life have facial hair…

Craig does…


Hubby does….


Buck does….


Karl does…


and even Kelli’s husband Jason.


Spencer, Kayla’s husband, hasn’t seen Carver yet but even he has facial hair.

From the looks of things the little guy is going to think facial hair is more normal than abnormal.

It’s funny that before we talked about it I didn’t realize that all the guys in our family have facial hair.  I grew up with my dad having a beard so I never think anything of it.

I am super happy that all of the men in Carver’s life are not only bearded but hard workers and good people.  He is so blessed to be surrounded by good men in his life.  That is truly a blessing.

7 thoughts on “Facial Hair”

  1. My dad had a white beard and white hair. In a supermarket one day with my mum they heard a small boy ask his mum if it was Father Christmas. Obviously not all kids are scared of beards.

  2. My husband used to grow a beard every winter when our 3 daughters were small. When he shaved it off in the spring, his own daughters would be scared of him for a few hours. It was so funny.

  3. Jo, I love all those pictures of the men in Carvers life holding him when he is so tiny, a real treasure for these men will play an important part in the type of man he becomes. I think Carver will grow up wanting a beard just like them. Caver is so darn adorable, lucky you and your family for this blessing.

  4. Carver is one lucky little guy to have so many loving role models in his life. He does look mighty little tucked in their arms! I’m sure that is changing already. Congrats to all!

  5. Jo, little kids are sometimes unsure about my bearded and bald husband. But our daughter imprinted on a bearded dad and was a bit shy when he shaved it off!

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