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We have been selling things around here.  Some of the things we know we don’t need or want in the new house…some things are actually from the new house.

We’re been selling them through local Facebook groups.  We have a Chickasaw County For Sale Group and sale groups from Cresco/Decorah.  It’s great because we don’t have to pay any fees to sell the items  and the items are all fairly close to pick up.


I like it for other reasons too…we make a little money.  It saves items from being put in land fills and it helps out other people.  We recently sold this bathroom set from the new house.  There were a couple chips it in but the family who bought it was happy to pay $125 for the set.  With a little TLC  it can easily serve a purpose.  We had LOTS of interest it and I probably could have sold two more sets had I had them.

This is awesome for us as it gives us a little more cash in hand for when we need to purchase things for the house.

A bit ago I picked up this high back head board.  I had seen it at our thrift store and although it was needing repair, I thought Hubby would like it.


Hubby saw it and said it’s maple wood and said he was not very interested in it.  UGH!  I thought I had wasted the $20.  Nope.  I put it on the for sale group and sold it for $25.

The kids who come home and stay overnight at our house complained that the full sized bed was a little small-the boys are all about 6′ 4″ so they can’t straighten out in a full sized bed.  We bought a queen sized mattress and didn’t need the full sized bed anymore.

We ended up selling this vintage bed for $30.  We had gotten it for free-used it three years and now sold it.  It wasn’t a lot of money but again, it didn’t end up in a land fill and someone will enjoy it.

We even sold the chickens and chicken house from the group.

I encourage all of you to check out to see if there are any Facebook For Sale Groups in your area….it’s a great place to sell things.  So far, we haven’t bought anything from there…yet?!

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  1. I have a love hate relationship with the fb selling groups. I get frustrated with buyers who don’t show or seller’s who have crazy high pricea. But I have sold quite a lot so that’s a plus. I wwould of snatched up the antique bed in a heart beat love it

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