Fabric Search Ends

So you might remember earlier I was on a hunt for fabric.  You can read about it here if you missed it.


I had lots of great suggestions from blog readers on how to find the fabric so I could find the letters I was missing…  “H”, “I”, “V”.  (Yes I did notice H.I.V. and a blog reader or two did too.  One ever made a joke asking if I was sure I wanted HIV!)

Anyway, I had guessed that my friend Ila had gifted me the scraps and I was right.  Ila ended up writing me a note that solved most of the mystery.

Ila had made a baby quilt using the fabric.  Ila is so sweet and makes baby quilts for babies who are born addicted to crack.  This is one that she made using the fabric.


Ila went on to say that the fabric never had the letters “I” and “V”.  WHAT???  How does someone design quilt fabric with the alphabet and not have all the letters in it??

I can’t imagine a child poor child who had an “I” or a “V” in their name and couldn’t find their letter on the quilt.

So my hunt for the fabric is over as even if I do find the fabric there is no “I” and no “V” on it anyway.  One blog reader suggested just making the letters out of fabric….I might just have to do that.

Thanks to the many, many of you who helped with the hunt.  Having friends like you is one of the many reasons I love blogging.

7 thoughts on “Fabric Search Ends”

  1. That’s the strangest design I’ve ever heard of!! Why on earth would he/she design the alphabet without all the letters?? Well, You could always applique those letters I guess. Happy Halloween!

  2. Glad you go an answer to your quest, but I can’t believe ‘they” would produce a fabric without using all the alphabet! A real head scratcher. :-}

  3. Jo, I have used that fabric many times for borders on baby quilts. It is at least ten years old and, unfortunately, I have none left. But I do still have one of the quilts I made with it and it definitely has ALL of the letters of the alphabet, including H, I, and V. So if you do continue to search for it you can be assured you will have all of the letters. I wish I had bought a bolt of it when I saw it!

  4. That is an odd way to design an alphabet fabric! But if there are enough, you can cannibalize other letters to make the missing letters. The “I” is easy enough, using any letter with a straight vertical (L, T, D). Two F’s or E’s can create an “H.” And a partial W will give you a “V.” I’ve done these types of alterations, but it’s only been with paper letters. =)

  5. Looks like the seam is where the I and V would have been. I see a V in the main fabric. As per previous poster, I believe if you found the fabric you will find your missing letters!

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