Fabric Collage with the Kids

I think I told you all that I’ve worked things out that I will have Kelli and Kalissa’s kids (three of my grandkids) on Mondays and Fridays for childcare.  Well, one of my old childcare families asked to join us on Fridays and I decided that would be okay.  Last Friday was the first day for them to come.

The two girls love art projects.  They love crafts.  So when they got here I had a bunch of scraps left out on the kitchen island from cutting out my quilt and the girls wanted to play with them.  In my mind, I couldn’t figure out how they were going to play with them but then something hit me.  I had an idea.

I cut the pieces of fabric down into smaller pieces.  I gave the kids a canvas board (I bought mine HERE on Amazon), some watered down glue and paintbrushes- plus the fabric scraps.

The kids painted the watered-down glue onto the canvas and then put the scraps on the glue.  Carver loved doing this…see?

Once they were done they painted Modge Podge over the fabric.

Here is how it looked after the Modge Podge was painted on it.

This was how they looked midway through drying.  The kids put a pretty thick coat on so it took a bit to dry.

Sadly the kids took them when they left and I didn’t get a good picture of a finished one….I think you get the idea though.

I planned on sitting down and making one with them that looked like a flower but Gannon needed some attention and by the time I was done with helping him, the kids were wrapping up the project.  I do want to make one at some point.  How fun would it be to make one with the scraps of a fabric line in the shape of one of the blocks from the quilt?  Oh my.  This has me wanting to make one when the kids aren’t around.

They did like this project and it wasn’t terribly messy either.

13 thoughts on “Fabric Collage with the Kids”

  1. Betty from Canada

    I love how you come up with such good ideas that don’t cost a lot and the kids have such a good time making things. They sure made some petty pictures.

  2. Have them make their own placemats using this idea. Kids like the idea of creating for their own use. Mod Podge both sides of a poster board cut to size. Have fun with it.

  3. This is a fun project. My daughter wanted a “Quilt” birthday party for her 8th birthday. For a craft, I fused something similar to HeatnBond to muslin and had the girls cut fabric crazy quilt style to cover their muslin. After I had fused the fabric to the muslin, the girls “embroidered” the edges of the fabric with puff paint. (Yes, it was more than a few years ago.) They all had a blast doing it and it was inexpensive as I had lots of scraps.

  4. I have made quilt blocks on wood! I cut the pieces and Mod pudges them onto wood. I thought they turned out pretty cool. If I can find a picture, I’ll email it to you. I actually bought the wood base in the craft section at Walmart.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Thank you for a great Idea! I have lots of scraps and grand daughters who like to play with material. Now to follow through. Go ahead and do one of your own, I will too

  6. What a fun and simple project for them and how cute each of them turned out. You are so clever with ideas to use with kids.

  7. Those kids couldn’t have looked happier or more content doing their fabric collages! The little girl in the black & green outfit looked so grown up! Is it you that said completed is better (?) than perfect? If so, I just wanted you to know I did another Unity Qlt (thank you Bonnie Hunter) that turned out fairly well in spite of ALL my mistakes! Is a completion like that fair? Oh, my!! Gloria

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