Fabric Buying for the Mystery

Every year when mystery time comes around I always end up buying a little bit of fabric.  Who can resist?  Most of the year I am pretty good, only purchasing neutrals or something that I really need to finish a project.

I headed to my favorite store…Whittle’s Fabrics.  They are online and if you haven’t discovered them yet, you’re in for a treat.   I selected my fabric (which I’ll tell you about in my stash report on Sunday) and checked out.

Later that day Whittle’s sent out their newsletter.  In it they featured fat quarter bundles specifically put together for people who are doing Bonnie’s Mystery quilt.  Check this out.

Wonderful blacks…..


Yummy reds….

Fun printed backgrounds….


and bright yellows!!Yellows
I love that they put the paint chip cards below so I can see the colors are good.

Can you believe that a bundle including 12 fat quarters is only $16???  I sure couldn’t.  I know lots of people who quilt often wish that they could get the “Bonnie” look to their quilts.  Well these bundles sure would be a help as they will definitely give a scrappy look.

I already ordered my fabric including this for the gray before the bundles were put together and offered…


But I’m tempted to order again.   Happily with shipping only $5 no matter how much you order, it’s a great deal.

I can’t remember the last time I paid just over $1 per fat quarter.  One thing I didn’t do was buy a backing….hmm…I think I’ve just convinced myself to order again.  Most of the fabric they offer is only $5 a yard so it’s about the cheapest backing I’ll be able to find…..

Yep.  I convinced myself…I’m off to put in another order.  If you have caved to the suggestion, here’s the link.  We might as well be in this together.

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  1. Thanks for the temptation. I ordered some of the bundles for the mystery. Last year while on a trip I stopped at Whittles and got a perfect backing fabric for my Grand Illusion for $3 a yard. I sure wish I lived near them but that would be bad for my budget!

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