Extra-Extra: Read all about it. A New Calendar Quilt

Yep..you heard it right.  We have a new project published.  How fun is this.  This quilt is called Zinnia Garden.

It’s finished.  It’s been such a long process to get it this far!!


The quilt has quite the story.  It was actually sewn some time ago…way back to when I was still living at the farm house and Kelli was living at her previous house.


It was originally made with a Moda Fabric line called High Street.  The line is old now and I’m sure likely not available.  I know…people hate it when I say that.

One of the design features I love about this quilt is the diagonal it makes.  See the orange framed blocks going from corner to corner?I think it’s a fun feature of the quilt.


One of the reasons I decided to design a flower quilt is this:
Back when I was a teenager my brother’s daughter Crystal came to my parents house quite often.  She was a cutie and I loved having a chance to play Auntie to her.  She’s only 10 years younger than me so you can imagine how much fun we had together.   As part of my 4-H project I often grew zinnias in my mom flower garden.  Well one year when Crystal was about 3, my mom took a picture of Crystal and I sitting in front of the zinnias.  It’s one of my favorite pictures ever.  The photo always reminds me of how special she was to me.

I had recently seen that picture when I sat down to design this quilt.  I wanted to design something with a flower in it…I wanted it to look a bit like a zinnia.  The orange around the outside for the border is suppose to be a bit like a fence around the garden.

You can see I did some custom quilting on this one.


Kelli and I both absolutely have loved this quilt.

Originally it was scheduled to be in our book…It was cut though.  We were told it didn’t look “modern” enough for the book.  Likely it doesn’t look modern but I still love the quilt.  I added the pink corners at the end of the design process.  I didn’t like the plain corners.


The backing print is one I loved too.


Once we’re done with this quilt it’s finding a new home…that home is with my niece  Crystal.


To this day, she is still special to me.  She’s all grown with a husband and eight children of her own.  She reminds me so much of my mom.  She’s short and is built like her.  She jumps into things with both feet and tries as hard as she can.


The pattern for the quilt can be found in American Patchwork and Quilting’s new 2017 Calendar along with 11 other projects designed by other quilters.  Our quilt is featured on the April spread.  I think it’s a perfect for an April quilt when we’re all looking for spring.  If you haven’t seen a calendar before they are pretty neat.  Here’s what they look like.

APQ 2017 Calendar and Pattern Booklet

Inside is a calendar AND the pattern booklet that gives instructions to make each project.

We have the calendars in our store and you can purchase them from us.  I’m warning you in advance that we really don’t have very many available.  We sold quite a few over the last two weekends when we were out and about and we don’t plan on ordering any more in.

When we were out we had a special deal that we are extending out to our blog readers as well.  You can order one thing from our store for $25.  If you order two things from our store, the cost is $45.  You’ll have to leave a memo in the box to let us know which two publications you’d like to receive.  It can to two calendars or a book and calendar.  Simply let us know what you liked.

Also we can sign your books or calendars.  If we sign your calendar, we do have to take the plastic wrapping off or it.  Again in the memo let us know if that is what you’d like us to do.  If you’d like to order you can do that by following this link.

It was such a fun project to work on…We are happy we had the chance to work with American Patchwork and Quilting on this beautiful project.

To see other quilt finishes check out Crazy Mom Quilts.

8 thoughts on “Extra-Extra: Read all about it. A New Calendar Quilt”

  1. WOW! That is a beautiful quilt. Stunning blocks and you ladies always make the borders lovely as well. This is a sure winner!

  2. Crystal will love this beautiful quilt. It will have all those memories from the past and more for her. I noticed the pink corners first and thought that was a great idea!

  3. I think it looks modern, it certainly is bright and cheery. Your niece will be thrilled with the quilt. I’m sure she cherishes her memories with Auntie Jo. Blessings, Gretchen

  4. This is a beautiful and oh-so-meaningful quilt, Jo, and I love it! That border really does look like a fence..what a great idea! On a side note, I always show my husband the photos of Ruby posing on your quilts, and he always laughs. We think she’s the cutest little thing!

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